Protest for Immediate Flood protection schemes in Kefalonia at regional meeting tomorrow

If your in town tomorrow for the Hydrocarbon protest why not arrive 30 minutes earlier to support this protest as well.

Immediate flood protection measures and infrastructure for people’s safety Mobilization – protest at Regional Council meeting on 23/11/2019

The recent floods in Kefalonia, Agia Efimia and Nifi come to confirm once again that the lives and safety of the inhabitants are not simply at the mercy of the weather, but at the mercy of the policy that does not respond to the shielding of these areas of natural phenomena.

Impressive flood protection projects, non-existent floodplain studies and infrastructures, problematic and incomplete assistance mechanisms, lack of a comprehensive and up-to-date civil protection plan, demolition and demolition, demolition and demolition , encroachment and closure of streams etc. are aspects of the policy responsible for these disasters.

It is the competitiveness policy of capital and the EU that is being implemented by all governments (SW-SYRIZA-PASOK) to commercialize land, on the one hand and cost-benefit logic, on the one hand, and considers spending. for flood protection as ineligible.

At the same time as oversized bloody surpluses are forming and the governments of today’s New Southwest, give plenty of money to big capital and launch showcase projects, letting the merciless weather weather thousands of workers condemn them to death. and households.

The effects are now repeatedly experienced by workers and small businesses in the populous areas of Pylaros, Sami, Nisni (Nifi), but also in other areas depending on the phenomena (Dilinata-Kutavos-Simotata, etc.). Every time large-scale landslides on public networks, such as homes and businesses, cars, livestock facilities, with scattered people, they receive the corresponding assurances of compensation-alms lost on the road.  Rain, floods, extreme or extreme weather will not be eliminated. However, they can be tackled with appropriate projects as well as generous funding.

In this regard we urge the Municipal Authorities and the Regional Authority to take immediate action: Conduct up-to-date and up-to-date hydrologic-hydraulic studies in all areas tested (Agia Efimia, Karavomilos, Poulata, Drapanos, Agia Varvara, Vlachata, Simotata, Agia Irini, Lixouri and Ithaca Kionyou) have been pending for several years now (demarcation, drainage ditches, retaining walls, water sprinkler basins, cleanups, etc.), with a binding timetable and hierarchy. Commitment to the required funds by clearly recording them in Municipal and Regional budgets.

Long-term forecasting planning, including rational land use, stream dredging, small barriers for the retention of loads, etc. To restore all flood-affected infrastructure at public expense, Fully compensate for all damage to private infrastructure and small businesses

We invite the residents of the flood-hit areas and the people of Kefalonia to a protest – demonstration at the Ionian Islands Regional Council meeting on 23/11/2019 at the Argostoli Municipal Theater at 9:30 am. 

Argostoli 19 November 2019.          

The municipal councilors with the Popular Coalition in the Municipalities                                                     

Argostoli, Lixouri and Sami and Ithaca.             


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