Pulse poll: Seven points ahead ND – With 31% vs. 24% of SYRIZA

7% surge for ND vs. SYRIZA according to Pulse -Photos: Intimenews

Seven units ahead of SYRIZA’s SW, according to Pulse ‘s new poll for SKAI, three 24 hours before the polls open for European elections and local elections.

According to Pulse’s intention to vote on the question “on Sunday in the European elections, what will you vote for?”, New Democracy accounted for 31% of SYRIZA 24%, while the third party is the Change Movement with 7%.

Voting intentions

Outside the European Parliament, there is a River of 1.7%, the Independent Greeks with 1.4% and the Central League (1.9 %%).

Of the other parties, 2,1% is the Greek Solution, 1,6% in Day 25, 1,4% in People’s Unity, 1,3% in Freedom Flying and 1,1 in ANTARSYA.

SYRIZA, according to Pulse, is 60%, with 15% shifting to New Democracy, 4% to the Change Movement and 3% to Day 25.

On the contrary, New Democracy’s reunification is estimated at 84% with a 5% shifting to SYRIZA and a 3% towards the Golden Dawn.

Scenarios for the undecided: 29.2% for SYRIZA, 37.3% for SW
According to the behavior scenarios of the undecided, SYRIZA from this tank can reach up to 29.2. Respectively, New Democracy, 37.3%.

* Pulse’s SKA survey was conducted for the European elections from 21 to 21 May on a sample of 1,208 adults with voting rights.
Source –  iefimerida.gr 

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