Pupils ‘pay close attention’ to Unknown Soldier following military instructor’s orders

It created an Internet sensation, from a Cretan trainer who, at the Monument to the Unknown Soldier in the Constitution, tried to “teach” his young pupils with military orders, to respect and honor the heroes who gave their lives for our country.

The gymnast from Heraklion accompanied the elementary school students on the educational excursion and their first stop was Syntagma Square and the change of guard of the Evzones.

With complete discipline, the students obey military orders and sing the national anthem after “paying attention”. The students behave like soldiers and are left astonished by those who pass by.

What the trainer tells them about the importance of the monument is correct, but the way he has chosen to make his young students discipline raises reasonable questions.

The video was uploaded to social media by a mother who accompanied her child on the tour and in just 21 hours had made over 3,000 notifications and 206,000 views.

There are even hundreds of comments about the morale and integrity of the trainer, whose origin is from the village of Plora. He was born and raised in the Sisters …

Source -newsit.gr

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