Purchases from Britain after Brexit: Which products are exempt from customs [table]

New instructions for purchases from Britain, after the finalization of Brexit , were issued by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Independent Public Revenue Authority.

From the very first days of the year, Brexit “inflated” the tariffs on orders from the -third country, now- Britain, even from giants like Amazon, which now has a separate section on import taxes.

On the issue of purchases from Britain, whether. Foreign Minister and head of the inter-ministerial committee for Brexit Miltiadis Varvitsiotis and the commander of AADE George Pitsilis. According to the joint statement “from 1.1.2021, the United Kingdom is outside the EU Customs Union and, therefore, shipments of goods and goods between the two parties are subject to customs control (according to EU Regulation 952/2013) ».

In this context, AADE and Foreign Minister point out that:

For goods originating in the United Kingdom :
NO duty (‘zero preferential duty’) is levied.
– VAT (according to national rates per item).
– Any restrictions, prohibitions and licenses per type of goods and goods are checked (in accordance with EU and national legislation).

Customs duties are also imposed on goods originating in third countries but entering Greece through the United Kingdom .

Depending on the type of shipment of goods (commercial or non-commercial), the value of the goods and the way they enter / transport in our country (eg transport by post and courier, personal luggage of travelers), customs cases are followed facilitation and simplification procedures and related tariff exemptions. Instructions are provided in more detail in the attached Table.

Customs duties are levied by transport and post offices
AADE and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs note that “the Customs do NOT impose any other charges. Customs duties levied on transport companies and mail / transport, their other fees for the services provided (eg, customs representation) and costs for various rights (warehousing, agency, ordering) are subject to the contractual relationship between the carrier and the customer / consignee. ».

The announcement on the purchases from Britain emphasizes that “it is the right of the consumer to look for them and to be informed in time about the above. Respectively, it is the obligation of the customs companies or other service providers (transport, etc.) to provide full information on the additional costs that may arise during the transaction under the new regime that is valid from 1.1.2021 “.

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