Question asked in Parliament: “Will the Melissani-Drogarati caves in Kefalonia open this Summer?”

By:  Apostolou Avdelas, Member of Parliament A ‘Thessaloniki

TO : The Minister of Tourism

SUBJECT : Is the operation of the Melissanis-Drogaratis caves in Kefalonia stopped?

Mr. Minister,

According to rumors spread in Kefalonia, which are also supported by local publications on the internet, on January 24 , 2021, the caves of Melissani and Drogarati, of the Municipality of Sami Kefallinia, will remain closed and inaccessible in this tourist season. It is alleged that the reason is the damage caused to them by the passage of Cyclone “Janos”. Therefore, in such a case, a significant blow will be caused to the tourist product of the Municipality of Sami and consequently, to the corresponding one of the island of Kefallinia.

Given all the above,

The Minister is asked :

Do you intend to carry out the necessary studies, in order to immediately license the re-operation of the Melissani and Drogarati caves, so that they can reopen soon, before the start of the tourist season on the island of Kefallinia?

The Member in question


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