Question posed to Greek health minster regarding vaccination for foreign nationals without AMKA?

The course of the implementation of the titanic effort to vaccinate the population against the pandemic of Covid19, is put on the table with a question to the Minister of Health by the deputies of KINAL .

As they report, the regular information of the ministry about the National vaccination plan against the disease several times “raises questions and queries regarding the course of vaccinations, the prioritization of the population as well as the creation and operation of vaccination centers”.

The question, signed by the entire KINAL Central Committee, cites statements by officials and complains that the country’s pharmaceutical associations are protesting against the non-scheduling of appointments for the 75-79 age group. “A problem has arisen with the vaccination of foreign nationals who live permanently in various parts of our country but do not have an AMKA and belong to the age groups for which the vaccination has started,” they note.

In this context, Members ask Mr Kikilias:
– The 750 vaccination centers mentioned by Mr. Themistokleous that are activated in February in which structures and in which areas of the country will they operate?

– What is the plan for the operation of the 100 mobile units of EODY in the field of vaccination? How many vaccinations have been given so far and in which areas? What system do they use to record the vaccinations they carry out?

– Do the 750 vaccination centers refer to 750 individual vaccination centers or to 750 vaccination lines?

– What is the percentage of vaccinated health workers per Hospital in the country?

– What are the targeted actions with which, as mentioned by Mr. Themistocleous, you intend to increase the percentages of health professionals who want to be vaccinated? Do you intend to give a second chance to those who were not initially vaccinated and when will this feature be activated?

– To what extent have patients and staff of chronically ill hospitals, recovery and rehabilitation centers, social welfare centers, day care centers and day care centers in the country been vaccinated?

– What percentage of teachers, staff and students aged 16 and over in special schools and creative employment centers for children with disabilities have been vaccinated across the country?

– Have people who come into contact with animals that may carry mutated strains of the virus been vaccinated?

– How many people over the age of 85 have been vaccinated to date?

– How many people in the 80-85 age group have been vaccinated to date?

– When will the vaccination of people with underlying high-risk diseases, regardless of age, begin?

– Why in the last few days no appointments are scheduled for vaccination of the age group 75-79?

– What actions do you intend to take in order for foreign nationals who live permanently in different parts of our country but do not have an AMKA to be vaccinated on time based on the age group to which they belong?

– How many doses of vaccines were left over from the non-attendance of the citizens at the scheduled appointments? Where were these doses used and by what design?

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