Quiet Time Hour Changes 1st October

When do times of quiet change, and what new hours should we not make noise?

Common Quiet Hours – Useful Information : We are in the autumn and are just one step away from the start of the winter season. This means that there will be changes to the hours of quiet. In particular, the winter season starts on October 1st. 

Thus, the hours of common rest will be from 15.30 to 17.30 in the afternoon and from 22.00 to 07.30 in the morning.

Common quiet hours – What is prohibited

a . Work or other noise-generating activities. In exceptional emergency situations, which cannot be postponed, a special reasoned permission from the commander of the Police Department concerned may be allowed to perform work, in particular of general interest, which causes noise.

b . The operation of any musical instrument or device of radio, tape recorder or television in high volume, phones, noisy dances. Any other noisy event at home or other private spaces.

c . The songs, the soundtracks, the use of musical instruments, the operation of radios, tapes and televisions on the streets, squares and general residential areas. Also in public transport vehicles.

d . Noisy games in a café, bowling alley or other public center, as well as loud shouts and conversations in the high tones of those centers.

e . Noisy discussions and quarrels at car stations (buses, TAXIs, etc.). The loading or unloading of goods into or from lorries, which creates noise. The noisy operation of the wheeled engine, which is stationary.

f . The use of sirens or other audible instruments or security systems, without any emergency, and their test operation.

It is recalled that violators of the provisions on hours of quiet are being prosecuted to a degree of wrongdoing.

Source  – enimerotiko.gr

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