Rain causes landslides, rockfalls in southern Peloponnese


Powerful and persistent downpours have caused significant destruction to roads in parts of Messinia in the Peloponnese over recent days, and particularity in the highlands of Mount Taygetos.

Photographs on local media website Tharros News showed a taverna in the popular seaside town of Stoupa that was crushed by rocks in a landslide, as well as cracked and broken stretches of the winding mountain road between Kalamata and Sparta.

The village of Alagonia has reportedly been completely cut off as the road in both directions has either collapsed in parts of been blocked by rockfalls, while Lada and Piges are also in trouble after experiencing similar problems.

People traveling in the area are advised to avoid the Taygetos stretch and to consult with locals or the police before setting off by car.


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