If you get chance to get down  The Rainbow Warrior in Argostoli this afternoon the tours are well worth attending providing really good information about the ship, its activities, its history and the work it is doing at present in Greece.

You will be met at the entrance steps to the ship under a canvas to give protection from the heat and placed with a guide who will speak the native language required ( this morning concurrent tours were being managed in Greek, English and Italian).

Most stops are in shaded places to protect visitors from the heat and the air conditioning is running on the bridge which is particularily interesting showing all the controls and navigation equipment with childen and adults alike encouraged by friendly crew members to sit in the captains seat etc.

Further information is at the entrance to the ship included signing the WWF no oil petition which we strongly encourage people to do by clicking picture below to English language form

Chatting with many Greek friends it becomes apparent there is little financial gain for Greece should these rigs proceed with existing rigs in north Aegean providing as little as 5% of profit margin to Greece (the rest stays with multi-national companies who own rigs) opposed to massive danger of incidents or normal operation impacting wildlife and tourist industry the islands are dependent on.

Some pictures of the ship from our tour this morning





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