Record Rainfall recorded in January all over Greece

Raphael, Sophia, Tilemachos, Hypatia and Phoebus: 

Very high precipitation heights were recorded in January 2019 in almost all of Greece, according to meteorological meteorological service of the National Observatory of Athens (NASA).

The monthly rainfall at several NASA / stations during this January was the highest for this month since the meteorological stations were operating.

Among other things, record rainfall was recorded in the following areas (in parentheses in the year of operation of each station): Samarias Crete 653mm (2008), Ikaria 636 (2009), Andritsena 588 (2008), Dodoni 490 (2011), Steni Evvoias 444 2008), Nafpaktia 436 (2009), Kos 351 (2013) and Amorgos 295 mm (2012).

It is considered striking that rainfall peaked almost throughout the country, even in the Cyclades. These heights are the result of a series of bad weather, of which five were named (Rafael, Sophia, Telemachus, Hypatia and Phoebus).

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