Rains, storms and dust incoming

 Just as things were settling down!

Rains come, umbrellas come back / Photo: EUROKINISSI- GIANNIS PANAGOPOULOS
Rains come, umbrellas come back / Photo: EUROKINISSI- GIANNIS PANAGOPOULOS

From Friday and from western Greece, the weather will be volatile due to a barometric low that will approach the west. This will bring rains , storms and African dust in the next few days, according to the forecast of meteorologist Yiannis Kallianos . However, the temperature is not expected to show a significant change and because of the winds will be in normal levels for the season.

In detail, Mr. Kallianos’s prognosis:

From Friday the start of bad weather

According to the latest forecasts, until Thursday, the weather will generally be good for most areas of the country, while there may be no fewer occasional rains in the Dodecanese as well as some local in eastern Crete.

From Friday, however, the weather will wither, with rains first from West Greece and until the evening of the same day, the phenomena will tend to spread to many areas of the central and southern mainland, but also to the central, southern and eastern Aegean . Obviously from Friday night it will start raining in Attica.

Weekend with volatile weather almost everywhere

Excluding northern mainland Greece, which during the weekend the rainfall phenomena will be weaker and shorter, the weather in Greece will be very volatile from time to time. Rain and thunderstorms are expected both in the Ionian Sea and in other continental and island segments.


Rain and thunderstorms in Attica

From late Friday night it will start raining locally in Attica. The effects will initially be basically impaired. But on Saturday, the rains will intensify, they will become more generalized, and therefore, due to the instability that will prevail, local storms will likely appear in the county. The rains will continue on Sunday, but weaker as the latest figures show.

The winds will turn to the south. It will come close to dust

In relation to the winds blowing in the seas these days, from Friday they will turn to the southwest due to the movement of the barometric low that will approach us from the west. The wind tensions will touch even the 7 Beauforts, in the Ionian Sea initially, and then in the Aegean, but at this time they are not expected to be so strong that we have problems in shipping. It is logical that, due to the Southwest, there will also be dust shipment from Africa mainly to the west and south of the country.

No significant change in temperature

There may be several rains in the country during the weekend, but because of the winds the temperature will not change significantly and will be in the normal for the season. This means that there will be several lowland continental areas with mercury late at midday to reach 17-18 ° C.

Rain is likely to continue on Monday

It is still far away until then, but if the existing predictions are maintained and there is no serious change in the barometric low, there is a strong possibility that the next week will get rainy in most parts of the country. But all this will be seen in the next few days.

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