Reasons to celebrate small successes & Greece watch its beauties from a drone in 2 minute (video)


Our thoughts at The Kefalonia Pulse – Lets see the big picture but celebrate our successes 

It’s natural and easy to dwell on negatives during this difficult period when we are locked away in an unnatural situation and sometimes the enormity of returning to normal life can seem overwhelming.

One metaphor sticks out from our previous working life which was all about leading people through sometimes difficult change!

If you visualise this journey as trying to cross a fast flowing river and you fixate on the final goal of reaching the other bank you will soon become overwhelmed before you reach or even see it.

So what we need to do is find the small stepping stones that will take us safely to the other side;

  • Take little steps forward everyday
  • Look out for your family and friends and make sure they are with you on each step
  • Celebrate small successes each day
  • Learn from problems and look for the next stepping stone

That way  we will all arrive safely together on the opposite bank, healthy both physically and mentally and ready to return to normal life including family, Kefalonia holidays and work.

See you there soon all our family,acquaintances and friends

Check it out!
Only pride for this great effort!

All Greeks together, with persistence, with patience, with unique consistency in the goal we remain at home!

Staying home for the next few weeks, winning the war, winning the nightmare, getting ready to get our lives back!
At the end of every Calvary, after every sacrifice, there is always resurrection!

We keep going, we stay home!
#civilprotection #proud_to_be_greek

Source – FB post of Νίκος Χαρδαλιάς (head of civil protection greece)

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