Reflections on yesterdays fire near Prokopata opposite Argostoli

Nearly 24 hours on whilst uncontrolled fires can never be seen as good, in our opinion there were some positive things emanating from yesterday’s events.

Looking at the Greek central Fire Brigade Tweets the issues were escalated very quickly (within 47 minutes)

Meaning from our island’s airborne capability where the PZL aircraft and ground firefighting teams were doing their normal fantastic job

very quick and responsively from the mainland arrived the larger units who helped too rapidly get the situation under control

If you contrast this with the situation last year in Katelios where the island was screaming via all options including social media for support and getting seemingly little, yesterday was a step change in communication and consequent responsive action.

As ever the skills of the pilots and ground firefighters are amazing and it great to see FLIK supporting them in many ways including providing much needed water.

So whilst there will always be issue including the valid points raised on social media yesterday regarding verge cleaning etc.lets for now also consider some positives.

We are now under the control of a new Greek Government and from 1st September will have the new incumbent Mayors managing the island not to mention the fact the Ionian islands also have a new regional director, hopefully further improvements will come!

picture source – FB post of Spiros Sakalis





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