Region communication regarding “Health First” mark for the tourist accommodations

In view of the start of the new tourist season, we inform professionals and employees that the following applies to the accommodation industry on a case-by-case basis:
For the operation of NON-MAIN ACCOMMODATION (eg rooms for rent), those interested can visit the website https: / / , in order to be informed about the process of issuing the certification mark “Health First”.

Obtaining the certification is MANDATORY for the operation of the accommodation.

If the company has received this certification in the year 2020, then it is not obliged to repeat the procedure for the period 2021, UNLESS the case manager or the collaborating doctor or health structure has changed with the accommodation.

Regarding the MAIN HOTEL ACCOMMODATION, those interested should re-apply for the “Health First” mark. For more information you can visit the link

Finally, we hereby inform all interested parties that the Ionian Islands Region will carry out a training program in health protocols this year, so that the human resources of the tourism sector of the Ionian Islands can receive valid and comprehensive training for the proper implementation of health protocols. This program is provided to anyone interested for FREE, in order to enhance the credibility of our islands and the smooth running of the new tourist season.

Detailed publications on this issue will follow.

On behalf of the Office of the Deputy Regional Head of Entrepreneurship & Competitiveness.

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