Regional Council Resolution on the Argostoli wind farm || Wind turbines are useful but with application of standards and flood control studies

The application of standard conditions for the selection of premises, licensing and controls for the installation and operation of wind turbines was emphasized with special emphasis.

It also calls for the uninterrupted electrification of the island with the most suitable way of dealing with possible damages and power outages, for Cephalonia as a place to receive wind turbines.

Specifically for the creation of the Argostoli wind farm, the Regional Council was informed and exchanged views with the President and CEO of PPC Renewables SA Mr. Angelos – Panagiotis Kasimis, as well as with the Professor of Dynamic Tectonics & Applied Geology of the University of Athens Mr. Efthimios Lekkas , who is preparing a study for the integrated flood protection project of the vulnerable areas.

The resolution proposed by the Regional Authority and voted in favor is:

  • The Ionian Islands Regional Council, having recognized the global problem of climate change and its impact on economic and social life as well as the degradation of the natural environment and cultural monuments.

  • Considers immediate and imperative the need for detachment from fossil fuels and the shift to Renewable Energy Sources (RES), utilizing the solar and wind potential of our country.

  • Recognizes that the benefits of using and developing Renewable Energy are many in terms of the environment, society and the economy, as the shift to clean energy creates and enhances sustainable local development and prosperity and accelerates green growth.

  • Considers that the development of Renewable Energy Sources should be done in suitable areas for which the necessary approvals or licenses are available, following the current legislation and taking into account its special characteristics as an island area as well as the energy needs of the local community and appropriate compensation. meters.

  • Considers it a key driver for the development of Renewable Energy Sources should always be the least possible environmental burden and deterioration of the landscape, with respect for the local ecosystem and the community, provided that the current legislation is strictly followed and strict environmental conditions and commitments are applied, which meet local energy needs but and flood needs and with standard specifications. The Services of the Region must constantly monitor the implementation of these terms, conditions which are set by expert scholars and for this case, set the competent Directorate of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Region of the Ionian Islands, with sub. 98255/22992 / 19.12.2019 document related to the expression of its opinion, regarding the amendment of the Decision Approval of Environmental Terms (AEPO).

  • The Regional Council for the case of the Argostoli wind farm, emphasizes that dialogue and cooperation with the local community is required, both for the information of the technical and scientific data but also for the compensatory measures and benefits to the local communities.

  • The Regional Council requests to ensure for Cephalonia the uninterrupted electricity supply of the island in the most appropriate way to deal with possible damages and power outages.

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