Regional Governor Report – Περιφερεια Ιονιων Νησων (PIN)

The Governor of the Region of Ionian Islands or Περιφερεια Ιονιων Νησων (PIN) issued his report for the work carried out during his term in office. 

What we did in Kefalonia and Ithaca

56 months,  59  new projects are reality

(33 projects completed – 26 executed or tendered)

  • 28  new  projects and actions have been integrated into European programs and   new  cultural projects are integrated until July.
  • Funding of Municipalities and Bodies of Kefalonia, Ithaca, from the NSRF and the Region’s Regional Development Directorate.
  • The PIN was justified in the Opposition Proceedings against the seizure of the amount of 5.712.000 € with the TEE and the contractors, while in practice restoring injustice to the detriment of PEs. Kefalonia and Ithaca. The effort continues to recover the money.
  • The PIN, together with the Kefalonia and Ithaca Municipalities, as well as other institutions, has created the Ionian Islands Co-operation Network Cephalonia and Ithaca and the municipalities of Cephalonia and Ithaca resulting in our islands being included in the CLLD LEADER program, where funding of € 4,900,000 was secured.


The PIN  completed and handed over to the circulation the work of “Harakas” , included in the RDP ,  with a PC 7,200,000 €, the project: “Karavomilos – Ag. Euphemia “ , which will be auctioned with the completion of the expropriation process and included in the NSRF the  ” Airport – Krania “project with a B / W over € 10,000,000.

In addition to the Provincial Road network, there were the following interventions:

  • Restoration of Sami – Pirgiou – Tanzathon Road, PC 600.000 € ( completed ).
  • Improvement – Maintenance of the District Road Network of Ithaca, PC 153.147,77 € ( completed ).
  • Asphalting of the District Road Network to Agios Gerasimos, PC 100,000 € ( completed ).
  • Road safety interventions of the District Road Network Ithaca, PC 187.769,16 ( completed ).
  • Reconstruction of Provincial Road no. 24, PC € 74,000 ( completed ).
  • Maintenance of Sami – Pilarou – Erisou National Road and District Road Network, PC 200.000 € ( completed).
  • Maintenance of E.O. Network of Kranai – Eleni Pronoun, PC 200.000 € ( completed ).
  • Maintenance work of the number 5 Ε.Ο. and rebuilding a retaining wall at no. 5 Ε.Ο. Argostoli – Agioi Theodoroi (2,5) Samiki, location “Lamps – Lantern”, 450,000 € ( completed ).
  • Maintenance – Rehabilitation No.39 at the location “LIVADI” to the entrance of Lixouri, PC 950.000 € ( completed ).
  • Reconstruction of the road to Mycenaean tomb of Tzanata, PC 30.000 € ( completed ).
  • Maintenance and damage repair of the District Road Network of Ithaca, PY. 71,582 € ( completed ).
  • Improvement of EO 42 Paliki, PC 231.000 € ( completed ).
  • Road Safety – local improvements of Sami – Pilaros – Erisou, PC 280.000 € ( completed ).
  • Maintenance of E.O. Network of Kranai – Eleni Pronoun, PC 200.000 € ( completed ).
  • Maintenance of the Sami – Pilaros – Erisou Network, PC 200.000 € ( completed ).
  • The  Supplementary Convention Project: Maintenance – National Road Rehabilitation No. 39 from “Livadi” to entrance to Lixouri, PC 125.000 ( completed ).
  • Maintenance and repair of faults in parts of the provincial road network of Ithaca, PC 182.112,11 € ( completed ).
  • Settlement of crashes at the entrance of Poros, PC 150.000 € ( completed ).
  • Labeling of Road Network of Kefallinia and Ithaca, PC 60.000 € ( completed ).
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of EO.O. Ithaca, PC € 71,582 ( completed ).
  • Interventions of road safety EOΔ Ithaca, PC € 187,769 ( completed ).
  • Restoration of faults in parts of the Palaia Provincial Road Network, PC 890.000 € ( to be completed ).
  • Rehabilitation works in the EE Ithaca, PC € 1,000,000 ( to be completed ).
  • Roadworks to Piraeus port, € 319,761.29 (to be executed ).
  • Electricity, maintenance and upgrading of the District Road section of Argostoli – Koutouvo hub, PC 300.000 € ( executed ).
  • Maintenance and upgrading of the District Road no. 6 to airport, PC 130.000 € (to be executed ).
  • Addressing the landslide in the provincial road no. 18 (St. George – Kapandriti section), € 1,90,000 ( executed ).
  • Restoration of the slopes security of the Provincial Road no. 25 due to earthquake damage, € 376,000 ( contracted ).
  • Road maintenance works at EO 12 and 15 (Asprogerakas to Eminata and Clean Routes to Kolokasi), PC 300.000 € ( there is a contractor ).
  • Marking, marking and securing in sections Network of Kefalonia, PC € 387,887.89 ( in contractor selection process ).
  • Rehabilitation works in the EE Kefallinia, PC 2.000.000 € (there is a bidder).
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of road network Sami – Pilaros – Erisos, PC 360.000 € (has been auctioned).
  • Maintenance – Rehabilitation of Paliki, PC 531,180.79 (to be auctioned).
  • Maintenance and cleaning of reefs, slopes and ditches of roads € 190,000 (to be auctioned).
  • Recovery of damage from earthquakes of the District Road Network of Paliki, PC 91,227.85 € (to be auctioned).
  • Improvement of Geometric Characteristics of EO in the settlement of Tzanata, PC 390.000 € (to be auctioned).
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of Krania and Elisos – Propon road network, PC 300.000 € (to be auctioned).
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of the road network Paliki, PC 230.000 € (to be auctioned).
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of the road network of Ithaca, PC 230.000 € (to be auctioned).
  • Replacement – installation of safety barriers, PC 1.250.000 € (to be auctioned).
  • Road Safety Ε.Ο. 25 (Kontoğurata), PC 150.000 € (the expropriation process is completed).
  • Programmatic agreement with Ministry of Environment and Waters for improvement of the forestry road accessibility to Ι.Μ. Atros, PC 200.000 € (pending signing of BS by YPEKA).
  • Geotechnical investigation and study of emergency landslide treatment on the road Ag. George – Kapandriti, amounting to € 15,000 ( completed ).
  • Geotechnical research and emergency landing study to Piraeus port, amounting to € 15,000 ( completed ).

The ” Limitations and Settlement of Simeton Stream ” studies , amounting to 331,725 ​​€, were submitted for the first time. Network, ” Addressing Landslide Damage of District Road Section” Beth Aetos of Ithaca “, amounting to € 169,627” New bridge and improvement of the District Road section of Poros “, amounting to € 243,000. There is a credit of € 1,500,000 for the  project at Bros Aetos , which will be auctioned upon completion of the relevant study.


  • The NGO has included in the Cross-border Program Greece-Italy the construction of the open theater “Lavraga” with PC 2,600,000 €.
  • He completed the economic and technical study for the restoration – repair of the Museum of Argostoli or not and claimed the responsibility for the repair of the Museum.

By decision of Regional Governor Theodoros Galiatsatos, they were included and funded by the NSRF of the Region:

  • Repair and creation of the Sami Archaeological Collection and exhibition of mosaics in Kefalonia, PC € 1,386,666.
  • Fixing and restoration of the Holy Trinity Church of Sularon of Kefalonia, PC 800.000 €.
  • Improvement of museum infrastructure and maintenance of frescoes of post-Byzantine temples on the island of Ithaca, PC 300.000 €.
  • I discover my city – Digital tools to highlight the cultural elements and the local history of the Ionian Islands, € 257,480.
  • CULTURATION: Design of Island and Diversity Thematic Cultural Routes and Development of Interactive Tourist Tour of the Ionian Islands, PC € 246,511.

The following, relevant, invitation (until 07/2019) includes:

  • Restoration of the Katholikon and chapel of Ag. Nicholas in Fanendon in Sami Kefalonia, PC 900.000 €.
  • Reconstruction of the eastern gate of the Sami Acropolis, 350.000 €, redevelopment of the Roman valley of Sami, PC 550.000 €, redevelopment of the Sami fortress building, PC 400.000 €, promotion – redevelopment of the building remains in the “Loutro” location of Sami , PC 250,000 €
  • Fixing, protection and elevation of the vault tomb in Tzanata, Poros Kefalonia, PC € 1,000,000
  • Restoration of the Katholikon of the Old Monastery of Sissia, Kefalonia, PC € 800,000.
  • Restoration of fortification sections and selected monasteries of the acropolis of Krani, PC: 400.000 €
  • Housing of the Roman villa of Agia Efimia, PC 150.000 €.
  • He organized the Scientific Conference on “The Ecclesiastical Archives of Kefalonia”.
  • He co-organized the IC Odyssey Conference, an event for Greeks abroad and the immigration issue, a Scientific Symposium on Islanding, a DVD production for the Argostoli capital, the IA INTERNATIONAL HISTORICAL CONFERENCE, a book celebration, the IAKOVATEIA, the Historical Ties of Kefalonia and Sicily.
  • It co-organized 78 cultural events with 15 cultural clubs, 2 sports clubs and 8 other organizations (music and dancing performances, concerts, choral music concerts, mandolinas, theater festivals, theater performance in Zakynthos, SEANEMA FESTIVAL, KIONI FESTIVAL, SARISTRA FESTIVAL, mascara, harvest festival, feta, event for the Byzantine Eptanisa, Mikelis Avlichos, Panagis Kopsarichis, children’s performances, etc.).
  • The 1st Development Conference, the conference “Energy Communities and Smart Applications for Sustainable Development”, the Pan-Hellenic Action for the Scouting of the Nation, the conference “New Technologies and Security of Electrical Installations”, the conference of electricians.


Through the program agreements with the Municipality of Kefalonia and the Sports Clubs, we create the playgrounds at the Karavomilos Stadiums ( completed ), Skalas ( established contractor ), Makriotikon ( there is a contractor ), Agios Antonios Lixouriou ( auctioned ) and Kerameon (the study is completed).


  • Creation of Sports Facilities in Livados, PC € 117,000 (in licensing process).
  • Program contract with NEL for the modernization of a closed gym in Lixouri, amounting to € 5,000.
  • We organized (and in Kefalonia, Ithaca) the FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT PANIYON.
  • We organized 24 sporting events (ANNA POLATOS FESTIVAL FESTIVAL, Vergoteia, Ionian Rally, Juan de Fouca Cup, Basketball Tournament, Panionios Swimming Race, Beach Volley Tournament, Lixouri – Argostoli Tour, Wind Path, Thinaia Road, Laskarateios Road, Polygralo, martial arts competitions, handball and street races for children and adults), with  2  cultural and  11  sports clubs.

At the decision of the Regional Governor Theodoros Galiatsatos, the project “Energy saving actions of Argostoli Municipal Swimming Pool in Kefalonia” was included and financed by the NSRF of the Region, € 207,879.

In relation to school buildings:

  • Construction of a metal escape staircase to natural disasters at Kerameon Lyceum “, PC 63,645 € ( completed ).
  • Adding sanitary facilities to the Primary School of Sami “, PC 105.000 € ( completed ).
  • Remediation of damages due to earthquake of the 2nd Kindergarten of Lixouri, PC € 51,800 ( completed ).
  • Earthquake Damage Recovery and Enhancement of Ph. in Gymnasium Ag. Themis, PC 750.000 €, (to be auctioned).
  • Building of EPAR Machine Shop, PC 540,000 € (demolition license pending).

By decision of Regional Governor Theodoros Galiatsatos, they were included and funded by the NSRF of the Region:

  • Earthquake Damage Recovery and Enhancement of Ph. at the 2nd Primary School of Lixouri, Kefalonia 967,741 €.
  • Earthquake Damage Recovery and Enhancement of Ph. at the 4th Primary School of Argostoli, Kefalonia, € 1,185,000.
  • Earthquake Damage Recovery – Enhancement of High School and Lyceum of Lixouri, Kefalonia, PC 2,282,000 €.
  • Earthquake Damage Recovery – Aid to the Kindergarten of Lakithra, Kefalonia, PC 112,406 €.


  • Maintenance of the Hydrographic Network Headquarters & Ithaki, PC 50.000 € ( completed ).
  • Maintenance refurbishment of storm drainage techniques at Kefalonia National and Provincial Road Network, PC € 100,000 ( completed ).
  • Floods and river maintenance works «Petali» Karavomylos Sami, PC 70.000 € ( completed ).
  • Bowls – stopping dams in the Karavomilos stream, PC 20.000 € ( completed ).
  • Cleaning and maintenance of technical works and branches of the Hydrographic Network of Kefallinia, PC 186.194 € ( contracted ).
  • Ithaca flood protection projects, € 100,000 ( contracted ).
  • Maintenance and restoration of technical works and cleaning of branches of the Hydrographic Network of Ithaca, PC 53.805 € ( there is a contractor ).
  • Anti-flood – anti-flood interventions in the area of ​​Skala – Poros (location “Limenia”), PC € 1,200,000 (auctioned).
  • Anti-flood Interventions in EO Vlachata Lourdata, PC 410,000 € (auctioned).
  • Reconstruction of a technical stream on the District Road, no. 26 in Nea Vlachata Sami, PC € 215,000 (in the licensing process).
  • Study of demarcation and flood protection of Drakopoulata – Agia Efimia area, PC 200.000 € (in award procedure).
  • Flooding interventions in the provincial road no. 26 in the Nea Vlachata-Agia Efimia section, € 320,000 (study update).
  • Flooding interventions in the provincial road no. 10 in the Vlachata – Lourdata section, € 500,000 (study update).
  • Maintenance-Reconstruction of technician at Agia Irini entrance, PC 100.000 € (study is being prepared).
  • Maintenance and Reconstruction of Fall Protection Plants & Plumbing Works, 185.000 € (study is being prepared).
  • Anti-Fall Protection Drainage St. Efimia, PC € 450,000 (study compiled).
  • Construction of flood protection fencers of the Road Network, PC € 1,200,000 (study compiled).
  • Maintenance and restoration of flood protection works of the Kefalonia Prefecture, PC 500.000 € (study is being prepared).


The PIN licensed, enrolled and funded the RDP of the Ionian Islands through the ROP, with a budget of € 460,800, creating 9 new jobs at Lixouri.

Has been supplied and installed (in Skala, Lixouri, Sami) three systems for self-sufficient access for the disabled to the sea.

It subsidizes with a sum of 300 € per month 7 rural and 3 auxiliary doctors.

By decision of Regional Governor Theodoros Galiatsatos, they were included and funded by the NSRF of the Region:

  • Construction of the Municipal House of Aristotle of Argostoli (VASSI), PC 6.376.828 €
  • Operation of Counseling Center for women victims of violence in Kefalonia, PC 335.188 €
  • Day Care Center for the Elderly (Kifi) Municipality of Kefallonia, PC 172,853 €
  • Community Center of the Municipality of Kefalonia, PC € 228,960
  • Community Center of the Municipality of Ithaca, PC 112.320 €
  • Operation of Counseling Center for women victims of violence in Kefalonia, PC 335.188 €
  • OLD OLD:  The PE Of Kefalonia submitted a proposal for a project: Approval of Local Strategy for Integrated Spatial Investment (RUE) on the peninsula of Paliki, which was included in the ROP of the Ionian Islands. The total budget of the project is 45,279,000 €.
  • PIATA PORT OF ITHAKIS: The PIN precluded the contractor from redeploying  the project, auctioned 6,660,000 € and completed  the construction of the port at Piagetos  soon. At the same time, he claimed and succeeded in collecting the total amount of his project, amounting to approximately EUR 1.600.000, which he will make available for projects exclusively in Ithaca.
  • MANZAVINATEIO HOSPITAL : Project with PC € 1,800,000, includes rehabilitation and improvement ( contractor installed ).
  • Rehabilitation works for the building of the Governor’s Office, € 141,300 ( completed ).
  • Restoration and configuration of communal spaces. Agios Dimitrios Vlachata, PC 240.000 € (to be auctioned).
  • Restoration, repair and restoration of communal areas of Lixouri Municipality, PC 2.000.000 € (study is being prepared).
  • Rehabilitation and reconstruction of communal spaces Paliki, PC 568,623 € (studies are being prepared).
  • Movement and insurance of floating breakwater Frontiers, PC 40.000 € ( completed ).
  • Rehabilitation works for the KTEO building, PC € 30,000 (in the TAS licensing process).
  • Study – construction and licensing of the Ithaca waterway, amounting to € 10,000 ( completed ).
  • Study – construction and licensing of the Kefalonia Waterway, amounting to € 10,000 ( completed ).
  • Programming Contract with TEI “Research of modern digital signage methods aiming at optimizing visitor information and sharing experiences”, € 24,160.
  • Funding of the Ainos National Forest Management Agency “Recognition of geotopes and geo-tracks in the framework of the objectives of the Ainos National Forest Management Agency”, € 22,500.
  • Funding of a research project on the structured environment during the period of the Ionian State (1815-1864), PC 18,600 €.
  • Funding of a research project for the alien marine organisms in Kefalonia, Ithaca, Zakynthos, Lefkada, PC € 24,000.
  • Supply of prefabricated huts for the creation of a Workshop-Observatory of Applied Marine Research, PC 37.000 €.
  • Construction work for the creation of a Workshop – Observatory of Applied Marine Research, PC 18.000 €.
  • Funding of research on the current situation of honeymoons, pines and oil pipelines in the Argostoli Bay, PC 4,340 €.
  • Creation of an Examination Center for Electricians in Lixouri.

By decision of Regional Governor Theodoros Galiatsatos, they were included and funded by the NSRF of the Region:

  • Replacement of Internal Water Supply Network of Lixouri in Kefalonia, PC € 2,323,555.
  • Completion of the necessary equipment for interventions for the prevention and suppression of forest fires and other natural disasters events in Kefalonia, PC € 1,673,520.
  • Recording and presentation of the geotopes & geographic routes of the Geopark of Kefalonia – Ithaca with a view to its inclusion in the Geopark of UNESCO, PC 326.000 €.
  • Supply of special environmental monitoring / policing equipment to support the Management Authority Ainos, PC 95.900 €.
  • Procurement of biowaste and greenhouse collection equipment of the Municipality of Kefalonia, PC € 1,450,552.
  • PANAS – Monumental forests of the Ionian Sea as biodiversity habitats and high nutritional value of macromycete: mapping, recording, evaluation, networking, conservation and sustainable utilization, € 382,500.
  • Protection – Management of the area of ​​Echinades islands of the jurisdiction of the Megalongi – Akarnanakos Lagoon Management Authority, PC 343.228 €.

They are also funded by the Region’s Regional Development Agency:

  • Regeneration of public spaces Street 21 th  May and Radicals 1.388.800 €.
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of the municipal road network of Kefalonia Municipality € 1,000,000.
  • Restoration of Lixouri Theater, PC 900.000 €
  • Reconstruction of communal areas Lavraga street, Argostoli, PC 138.000 €.
  • Restoration of Porto Lixouri area, € 408,181.
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of municipal road network of Municipality of Ithaca, PC 300.000 €.
  • Study of Biological Ithaca, PC 46.972 €.

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