Regling-Eurogroup disapproves Tsipra benefits: You will miss the target for surplus, not growth friendly

“Rukkeys” Reflection for Tsipra’s Benefits – File photo: Intimenews

Concerns against electoral benefits announced by Alexis Tsipras and the economic team of the government unleashed the head of the ESM Klaus Regklingk, following the meeting of the Eurogroup in Brussels.

Mr. Regling, speaking to reporters, warned that Greece would lose its primary surplus target with a significant margin, both this year and the year.

As said, these measures lead to a “significant deviation” from the targets. He added that there is disagreement about his composition as he is “not growth friendly”, although he noted that “we will continue to discuss with the Greek authorities”.

Eurogroup: Respect Goals, For its part, the Eurogroup has sent a clear message to Greece that it still maintains the budgetary targets.

“Politically I will repeat that I have said about the credibility and the observance of the goals we expect. It is very important that Greece continues the recovery we have seen in recent years and restored investors’ confidence inside, “warned Mario Senteno.

For his part, Pierre Moskovic noted that “Houliarakis presented the package ” and reiterated that “we are on our way to calculating the impact both on the development and on the social impact of the measures.” As Finance Commissioner said, Greece is no longer in a program and can plan its own fiscal measures alone, but “the targets must be met” as the measures can have a significant impact on the budget. “We have to look and compute,” he said.
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