These vehicles are now waste and are either transported to a certified waste disposal site in the Area of ​​Patras for destruction and recycling or for some types of vehicles in ODA for sale, with all legal procedures.

These procedures include abandoned  mopeds, engines and generally two-wheeled vehicles.  

The unacceptable phenomenon is observed, some of our citizens, in the cities, permanently place old mopeds, machines, bicycles, etc., mostly alongside businesses, effectively blocking the free parking of their fellow citizens.

On the basis of the above, all those concerned are required to arrange for their vehicles which have been permanently abandoned or placed in public areas and are sources of pollution and circulatory problems, so as not to require the compulsory intervention of the Municipality.

If there is no interest, they will be labelled as abandoned, a special warning sticker will be affixed, and if there is no interest from the owners, the abandoned vehicle will be removed by all prescribed legal procedures.

In our effort, we want a helper and the Police Headquarters of Kefalonia (Traffic Police) to deal with it.

Aesthetics, traffic and environmental upgrading of our cities must be a primary consideration for all of us.


Deputy Mayor 
Spyridon Matiatos