PRESS RELEASE from  Υπουργείο Πολιτισμού και Αθλητισμού (Mistry of culture and sport)

In the Ionian Islands, important projects of the Ministry of Culture and Sport are underway with a total budget of € 4.5 million. These projects have been integrated into the Operational Program of the Ionian Islands Region, while projects in cross-border projects are also important. The projects aim mainly at protecting and promoting the cultural heritage, as well as in enhancing local development, by increasing the visitation of archaeological sites, monuments and museums and the upgrading of the level of services offered.

The projects implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Sports in the Ionian Islands include:


The project “REPAIR AND CREATION OF SAMOS ARCHAEOLOGICAL COLLECTION AND EXHIBITION OF BROADCASTS IN KEFALONIA” was included in the Operational Program “Ionian Islands 2014-2020” with a budget of 1.461.317,50 €, and beneficiaries of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Kefallinia and Ithaca and the Department of Conservation of Ancient and Modern Monuments of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. The project concerns the repair of the building of the Sami archaeological collection, the organization of the collection exhibition and the exhibition of detached mosaic floors in the surrounding area. Upon completion, the exhibition of the Sami Archaeological Collection will be presented to the general public and a visiting area will be formed, which for years was a long-standing demand of the inhabitants. A large number of mobile finds, coming from the wider region of Sami and Fiskardo,
The formation of the Archaeological Collection will be a center of educational and cultural activities for the local community and the island. It will help to upgrade the area and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. New jobs will be created, the local market will be strengthened with the various tourism groups and Sami and Fiskardo’s traffic will increase throughout the year as the exhibition will act as a attraction for visitors of the sites from which the findings of the Archaeological Collection come from.

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