Reports of physical and sexual abuse of minors on the rise in Greece,

There is an increase in the number of cases involving physical and sexual harassment of minors recorded in Greece, as well as the number of such cases reported to authorities, as both parents and children are better informed and more aware of these issues.

It is estimated that one in five children falls victim to some form of harassment, mostly at the hands of men aged 30 years or above, who in 70-90 pct of the cases belong to the family’s circle of friends and family and are individuals considered “ above suspicion”.

These statistics were presented during a meeting organised by the Hellenic Society of Forensic Medicine and Piraeus Forensic Service.

According to the Head of Piraeus Forensic Service, Ilias Bogiokas, “ in the past 10 years – and especially during the years of the economic crisis – an increase in child abuse has been recorded.”

The President of the Forensic Society, Grigoris Leon, presented the directives of the International Health Organisation for the management of child sex abuse cases.

Finally, Greek police officer and psychologist, Konstantina Kostakou, noted during the meeting that the majority of the victims examined by the Hellenic Police division for minors, are female (79 pct), 39 pct are between 14-17 years old and 76 pct of Greek nationality.

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