Request from FLIK to bring bottle tops and old Christmas cards to AGM & typical process for reusing tops


When you come to the AGM, bring your bottle tops and old Christmas cards with you!

Independently we did some investigation into the re-use of plastic lids as we had heard many stories and found the following article giving typical information on how they are re-used.

Note FLIK may send them to different organisation but the process and outputs will be similar

Wheelchairs Plastic Lids; What is the end?

Do you pick up lids ? Me yes, for many years. But I do it anyway, in the context of recycling everything. But there are people who, while not recycling, pick up plastic lids because they know or have heard that this way, indirectly, they contribute to getting people with motor problems into a wheelchair . But what about? I don’t know about you, but I had a lot of questions and so I went to Maria Mavroudakis , the organization’s president, “A Child Counts the Stars,” that is , where I offer the lids I collect. 

In case you don’t know the organization “A Child Counts the Stars” , let me tell you they started their work in January 2017 . It is a Social Cooperative Enterprise with an ecological and social orientation. Recognizing as active citizens the environmental problems associated with recycling , the reckless use of plastic in our daily lives, and the disposal of materials that can be used as raw material in conventional rubbish, they mobilized and wanted to reach out to fellow citizenswith them and with them to try to do something about what is happening around us. They have no magic or original solution. What they propose is the  PARTICIPATION , the alertness, the involvement of all of us in this process. Their main concern is to reduce environmental our footprint through recycling, reduction of waste and reuse , creation of places of work for sensitive and vulnerable social groups and support people with mobility or other health problems. The social and solidarity economy see it as the way to do it all.

But let’s read what Maria Mavroudakis has to say

How the story started with the lids. At first, the rumor circulated that giving “somewhere”, when specific pounds were collected, gave people with a wheelchair a disability. Then there have been other rumors that this is not the case and that it is another way for the recycling companies to take advantage of the citizens’ sensitivity to increase their profits effortlessly. What is the end?

Action with plastic lids as an action has been around for many years. We do not know where it came from. Some have said that it came from an idea from abroad. But for sure we don’t know exactly what and how it started. He used it as a carriage action in Giannitsa, a club. From then on, various things have been said, which we cannot know what is and what is not.

What caps should we recycle for trolleys? In addition to the bottles of water bottles do the caps of milk, juice, detergents do ?

Plastic caps are collected from milk, juice, water but also detergents, or shampoos, simply in different bags.

Why do they need lids and not other plastic or glass items ?

Glass we do not manage because it is dangerous to manage (breaks). We also collect paper. We have signed a contract with the Appliance Recycling Company at specific locations to assemble electrical appliances for the above purposes at collection points throughout Attica.

In terms of the practical part. What is the process? Do we bring you the lids, or do you pick them up, and then ?

Anyone who has a means of transport (even transport companies, buses, etc.) can bring them to our place to reduce transportation costs and increase their cost-effectiveness. At the same time, our social relationships and collective efforts are strengthened and redefined. We work together beyond parties, beyond colors to achieve goals that benefit the whole of society. From every neighborhood we can arrange, once a week, anyone to gather and bring us the lids. Or gathering the lids in a neighborhood neighborhood and alerting us to one of the volunteers. And this is still important, ie the points of concentration.

You who give it? What do they do afterwards ? How to recycle them ?

We collect the lids and give them to the recycling or plastic industries that process them. When we say recycling we mean various companies that handle the recycling of the material. However, we prefer to give it to the plastics industries so that the material is processed so that no new raw material is spent on the products produced by each industry, but that the existing plastic (lids) is used as raw material.

How many pounds does a wheelchair correspond to ?

The 1 ton lids give us 180-200 euros  when it comes to the plastic industry. When it comes to a recycling company they get cheaper ie 100-140 euro per   ton. A single carriage has 180-200 Euros, ie 1 tonne 1 carriage. The prices for the special type depend on the needs of each person, ie special supports, accessibility and more. factors determined by experts. With our revenues we cover our operating expenses and the rest we have all allocated to our fellow citizens. We strive to grow and become a viable business, so that we can create jobs in line with our statutory goals and objectives. PARTICIPATION is very important because it is only through the participation of all that the ENVIRONMENT-HUMAN RESULT will come to pass.    

Is there a waiting list? If so, do we ordinary citizens have access to this list? How can we ensure that we truly help our fellow humans?

Wheelchairs are provided with expert advice, depending on the needs of the sufferer, his financial situation and always in cooperation with his fund. All the relevant certificates must be submitted for this. Of course, all of this is done with respect to the privacy, sensitive personal data and medical confidentiality of patients. So there is no access to the waiting list because the goal is not to target our fellow citizens but through participation, synergy, collective effort, self-organization and self-management, with no money, through the things we fly to protect. environment and to stand in solidarity with anyone we need.

How is the wheelchair purchased? As there are various types and at a similar cost. .

It is a priority order depending on the time each person calls us. There is, of course, priority for children. The cost of each wheelchair is strictly defined by each patient’s case and its particularities. Each patient gets what suits him or her and the values ​​are of course different for each wheelchair. 

What is your account so far ?

From October 2017 to December 2018 we have provided 6 wheelchairs. 3 special type carriages and 3 standard type carriages.

What other actions do you do ?

We have been operating an E shop since the beginning of this year, with zero waste products, alternative to plastic (bamboo, reusable water bottles, ecological detergents and personal hygiene products). The money from the purchase of the “One Child Counts Stars” products goes to our actions. We are fighting for a better world, for a clean environment and social offer. Every little act has a huge impact on the environment.

Is there any other way that one can contribute ?




Thank you very much Maria Mavroudakis. If you would like to offer the lids you have collected to the ‘One Child Counts the Stars’ organization, you can find them on the following sites:  Site ,  Facebook , Instagram

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