Research of in popular destinations: Catastrophic summer for hotels

The drop in turnover will range from 50% to 75% – Many hotels will not open this year, while redundancies are considered very likely – Hoteliers are considering price reductions

Disastrous, as was more or less expected, will be this year for hotels across the country, based on estimates by industry representatives . According to, none of the hoteliers expects to make a profit this year, while the turnover is estimated to be reduced by at least 50% compared to last year. In fact, in some cases, even in very touristy areas, such as , for example, Santorini , the turnover may “fall” even by 70% -75%.

The June considered completely lost even the permanently open hotel operating business, which will open the first of the month, while the assumption should be considered lost and a large part, if not all of July . In the vast majority of cases, any reservations made for this summer have been canceled, while the new bookings are almost zero. 

At the same time, tour operators are extorting pressure, according to the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers , Grigoris Tassios , for tourist packages with big discounts on prices, as well as for unprecedented ease of payment, not only for this year but also for 2021.

For its part, a portion of hoteliers seem willing or willing to cut prices, however, what the industry’s representatives are making clear is that a “war” must be avoided, as to who will make the biggest price cuts. , because on the one hand the product should not be degraded and on the other hand any new data will accompany the industry in the coming years.

In addition, it is assumed that a large number of hotels will not open this summer, as the reduction of customers and the costs of maintenance and sanitation will be an unbearable burden and the big question mark is what will happen to the staff. Hoteliers may stress that every effort will be made to ensure that no layoffs are made and fewer people are hired than last year, but they make it clear that the State will need to help by paying them a working bonus. employees and other supportive measures. Given this, however, it should be considered that the number of hotel employees will be lower this year than in previous years.

Finally, what all hoteliers are afraid of is whether any case of coronavirus will occur in their business during its operation, as the consequences will be uncontrollable and catastrophic. As they emphasize, at the moment they do not have the slightest picture of the health conditions that will be set for the operation of their businesses.

“June is lost and I estimate that we will not work in July either, while so far we have no reservations for August either.. People abroad are drowning in both the virus and the economic pressure. The plan b we have, is not to work at all, since from last March until July 1 we will not have any income. With today’s data, the thinking of half of the hoteliers is not to open this year and they will make their final decisions at the end of May and the beginning of June. Unfortunately, this adventure found our country in a very difficult phase, just at the beginning of the tourist season. The result will be a drop in turnover this year from 50% to 70%. We will look to save as much as we can this year, but again the obligations will not come out. Defining us is now 2021. One question is, what will happen to the employees, which is a very difficult case “, notes Mr. Tasios in

He also stressed that tour operators are asking hoteliers to make big discounts for this year as well as next year and to pay entrepreneurs sixty days after each customer leaves the hotel, requests that Mr. Tassios characterizes as ” extortionately. ”

Crete: Looking at the flights

The first three months of the tourist season for hotels in Crete are considered completely lost, while, in addition to the shocking unexpected, a large part of July will remain unexploited, according to the president of Chania hoteliers and first vice president of the Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers Xenodochon. He notes that any bookings made for this season are slowly being canceled, while any new ones will not be made before the landscape is cleared with flights from abroad.

“Even when the hotels open, we will not have reservations from the first moment. Only when flights start from abroad will something be done. At the same time, tour operators need 15-20 days, so that they have some effect, so this means that July will be lost, at least for the most part. The decline in our turnover will be very large and I take for granted the 50% reduction. As for the prices, so far no discussion has been opened and I estimate that they will probably stay the same as last year. As for the staff, there are too many parameters. So far no arrests have been made. Every business cares about its staff and we understand that everyone wants to work. However, it is not ruled out that we will also have redundancies “, notes Mr. Giannoulis to

Mykonos: Signs of “life” in August

The hotels in Mykonos will open at the beginning of July at the earliest , which in their vast majority are seasonal. with the points so far showing that lost for the Island of the Winds will be the whole second month of summer. According to the president of the Mykonos hoteliers, Maria Kousathanas, there has been a demand from customers from August.

“In order to understand when we will open, we will have a clear picture as soon as the health criteria and specifications are set. It is a risk that someone will open today and if the flights do not start again, we cannot work. I estimate that the drop in turnover will exceed 50% this year. I don’t think there will be a significant drop in prices. No employees have been hired at our hotels at this time. Because they are seasonal, they will be done mainly at the last minute “. Mrs. Kousathana emphasizes.

Santorini: In the 70% -75% drop in turnover

The president of the island’s hoteliers, Antonis Iliopoulos, estimates that the turnover of hotels in Santorini will reach 70% -75% drop, noting that many of his colleagues will not open their businesses this year.

“We are forgetting June, while at the moment July is around 20% -30% full. However, this percentage is constantly declining because we are constantly canceling without making new reservations. Once the health standards are clear, we will be able to see the operating costs and understand if we are going out, but also how much staff we will hire. In order to hire many people, the State must subsidize the work. There will be a drop in prices, but I am afraid that it could turn into a “war” of prices, with the result that they are degraded. In Santorini we only have seasonal hotels and if we open at the end of June or the beginning of July, it is a given that July or even most of it will be lost “, Mr. Iliopoulos emphasizes.

Corfu: Hopes for August – October

In the period August – October, the hopes of the hoteliers of Corfu are based , since, according to their president, Charalambos Voulgaris, something seems to be moving for that period. June is characterized by many cancellations, while for July the cancellations are no longer many, however, the new bookings are minimal.

“The truth is that we are afraid that July will be lost and that transport from and to abroad will play a big role in this, as well as the psychology of the people and especially the vulnerable groups. Health standards will create additional costs and we need support from the state. Half the turnover is definitely lost, while, if we have cases in the summer, I am afraid that problems will arise in 2021. Prices will depend on demand, but we must avoid a “war” of prices. It will accompany us for years, whatever we sign this year. No hotelier expects to make a profit this year. There are ways to help as many workers as possible, for example by implementing shift work, but if the state does not help, it will be difficult, “said Mr. Voulgaris.

Halkidiki: Interest from the Balkans

There is interest from Balkans to visit Halkidiki by road this summer , however, at the moment they are waiting for the hotels to start operating, but also to clarify the health conditions. The above was reported to by Mr. Tassios, who is active in business in Halkidiki.

“There is interest from Balkans to go down to Halkidiki again this year, however, they should be checked very carefully at the border. Halkidiki relies on road tourism from neighboring countries and in this area we place many of our hopes from July, of course. It is also very important that Halkidiki is an area that has the infrastructure to cover cases of coronary heart disease, since even the most remote areas are not more than two hours away from the hospitals of Thessaloniki “, claims Mr. Tassios. 

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