Research Tourism: Britons postpone holiday in Europe due to Brexit

One fifth of Britons postpone their holidays in Europe because of Brexit uncertainty, according to a survey by Holiday Extras.

That figure rises to one-third for ages 35-44, according to the same survey conducted in a sample of 2,000, ahead of the UK’s exit from the EU on 31 January.

Their biggest concern is health care, with one quarter expressing fears of limited access to medical insurance, while 20% are concerned about the availability of reciprocal health care.

Other British concerns are passport checks (23%), the euro exchange rate (18%), passport changes (15%) and their possible negative response by Europeans (14%).

8% said uncertainty about travel regulations after Brexit leads them to postpone their travel plans, while 5% said they opted for domestic vacations.

The good news is that 2020, even after Brexit, will be the transitional period during which British travel rights will generally remain the same, so this year’s travels, even after January, will not are heavily influenced, said Holiday Extras chief executive Seamus McCauley.

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