“Response” to the coronavirus by nature: Prediction for the hottest summer of the last 100 years!

According to Weather Met Office, in the coming summer, mercury is likely to hit a record high in many countries!

It is common nowadays, just before May to take the summer mood out of the closets, that long-term meteorological forecasts appear on various sites around the world. And from time to time we have read about a summer that will be like a winter solstice, about August when January will have nothing to envy… or other times for summer months when the Vesuvius crater will look like a freezer… Forecasts that are so far away from The period they are examining is usually not verified to a large extent, sometimes they “touch” a large part of the weather conditions that really prevail.

For example, last year, similar long-term forecasts gave cold summers with winds and low temperatures; they did not fall far outside: In Greece, mercury showed no heat and the north winds were strong for at least two months in the east of the country. So this year, here’s the thing, this year the experts of… macroscopic weather forecasts are talking about the hottest summer of the last 100 years! And if the colonist hadn’t put us in the freezer of psychology and the incarceration we might have been upset from now on, but… But if you think that, according to expert estimates, the monsters lose their power and much of their contagion in dry and hot climates, then if the predictions are verified we should celebrate!    

According to Weather Met Office , in the coming summer, mercury is likely to hit a record high in many countries. The prognosis is based on estimates and observations in recent years in which meteorologists record continuous global temperature rises. The hottest year to date is considered to be 2016, when the El Niño phenomenon prevailed.

Recall that in Greece in recent years the hottest summer is recorded as that of 1987 with mercury reaching over 44 ° C for many days. on the 9th of the month, we had heavy and heavy snowfall in the center of Athens, while until the 17th of the same month the snow was a daily phenomenon in Attica! Those who claim that a severe winter is followed by another severe summer were justified. The heat of 1987 was unreal! On July 20, a temperature of 45 ° C was recorded in Elefsina! Let’s say that the record high temperature in Greece was recorded in July 1977 in Elefsina: 48 ° C!

So we are waiting for the experts’ predictions to be verified for a long hot summer and… from the half-closed grilles, at noon to hear the roar of Covid 19

source -ethnos.gr

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