“Restart Tourism” – Mitsotakis: This summer will be different

The new campaign for  Greek tourism  with the slogan  “Restart Tourism” , was presented in Aigli of Zappeion, in the presence of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis . During the event, the video of this year’s campaign for Greece was shown for the first time , which is targeted abroad and will be implemented from next week. The campaign is expected on both social media and foreign networks. 

The 40-second video shows the image of a deep blue sea, with the wave crashing on the shore, while the narrator asks: “What makes summer so precious in Greece? It’s not the sea, it’s not the sun, it’s more than that. Greek summer is a concept, a way of thinking. To be with the people you love, to unite with nature, to feel free. This is the Greek summer. That’s why this year enjoy your own Greek summer, wherever you are “.

“Opportunity to see things differently this summer”

“It simply came to our notice then. And this summer will be different from what we were planning “, said the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the” Restart Tourism “event.

“The pandemic has changed a lot. He suffered a deep, hopefully temporary, economic crisis, he said . In Greece we did well because we all worked together and listened to the advice of experts . Success in tackling the pandemic is gradually allowing us to return to the new economic order by gradually releasing various industries. The most important branch of tourism, from which the Greek economy is highly dependent, could not be excluded, “said the Prime Minister.

From July 1, we will be able to expand to almost all countries if we do not have unpleasant surprises. They will come to a Greece that will be the same but different at the same time. The basic health protocols must be strictly adhered to. Protecting public health, ensuring the safety of visitors and tourism workers remains our first non-negotiable priority. The advantage is that in the summer we are out where the experts say that the chances of transmission are significantly reduced “, added Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The Prime Minister then referred to the workers in the tourism sector and commented on the spot : “Tourism workers should adhere to individual protection measures. We will be strict in controls at this level. I found the spot very inventive. What, after all, is Greece in this world facing this challenge? It is definitely more than the sun and the sea. Opportunity this summer to see things differently. Summer is not a time, it is a perception, a look at things ”

“I hope and hope that this spot will be a good trip. The tourist season should go as well as possible in this difficult time. From the first moment, we avoided predictions of a recession. ELSTAT data were relatively encouraging. Recession 0.9% when the European average is 3.8%. The Greek economy met the crisis of the crown with great momentum. The second quarter will be very difficult and we hope that from the third quarter things will go better.

I recognize that today the dominant feeling in the country is uncertainty, the fear of where our economy will go, what the incomes of people who are addicted to tourism are. As a government, we have done our best to support the workplace. I want to encourage tourism people to take advantage of the schemes to save as many jobs as possible. We stand by you, always ready to add more “weapons” and, if necessary, to adjust our strategy. Above all, responsibility is collective. The state is doing everything in its power with an unprecedented package of support. The Guarantee Fund has already received many requests. ”

source – ethnos.gr

One thought on ““Restart Tourism” – Mitsotakis: This summer will be different

  • June 6, 2020 at 2:21 pm

    The prime mister sounds like a salesman…and not as the chief of state ….because he is not a leader for sure !!…
    He has no right to use the citizens’ health as the burgeoning chip for tourism regardless what is the revenue of tourism…
    He should also consider…but he is just the executor of the EU orders…the health system of this country that cannot support 100s of virus patients….
    Clearly, he and his cabinet are hoping that the new cases will be mostly among the young population that does not need much of hospitalization…..huge risk to take when human life is on the line!!


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