Revision of an aviation directive (NOTAM) for the United Kingdom

As for flights to and from the UK, the previous aviation directive was revised and flights between the two countries are not permitted until Tuesday 14 July at 23:59, so all flights to and from Greek airports from the respective British airports are permitted from 15 July 2020 without restrictions.

For the period of validity of the suspension of flights, ie until 14/7/20 there are the following exceptions: Cargo flights, sanitary, humanitarian aid, aircraft return only are allowed. with his crew (ferry flights), state flights, flights that state that they are in an emergency, military flights, Frontex flights, the fire fighting flights, the flights that have technical failure without the need to disembark the passengers (technical landings), the support flights of the National Health System of our country and the flights of repatriation of Greek citizens, members of their family and owners residence permit in our country approved by the Ministry. 


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