Rhodes: Anger of British tourists -Charged 82 euros for 8 soft drinks

The account paid by British tourists / Photo: Facebook

A group of British tourists who made a holiday in Rhodes wanted to quench, but eventually left nerves from a shop in the Old Town when he saw the bill. That’s why they were asked to pay 82 euros for eight refreshments.

While it is still “fresh” the incident in Mykonos, where tourists paid … gold 6 sloths , another similar incident makes the round of the internet.

Vikki Scott, a member of the British group who had this unpleasant experience in Rhodes, made the relevant complaint by posting on Facebook.

“Outraged Tourists”
According to her, the company who sat at a shop in the Jewish Martyrs Square, in the Old Town of Rhodes, paid 82 euros for 8 soft drinks. It is worth mentioning that a milkshake was charged 14 euros. “It’s not for people like him to scam the tourists,” she says in her post, while calling Facebook users to spread her post so that others do not have the same fortune.

Already, her post has been republished more than 600 times and has more than 560 comments.For this shop in Rhodes Old Town, dozens of negative reviews have been made to Tripadvisor, both for prices and for the quality of drinks and food, according to the dimokratiki website.
Source – iefimerida.gr 

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