Rhodes: The parasailing death – How the two children from Britain lost their lives, in shock their parents

The local community of Rhodes remains in a state of shock from the untold tragedy that took place on the island with the victims of two minor brothers from Britain who had come to Greece for a vacation with their parents.

The incident took place on Wednesday afternoon in the Akrotiri area of ​​Guinea. There the two brothers who lost their lives , 13 and 15 years old, would test their skills in parasailing, that is, they would climb the so-called sea parachute. Their 15-year-old cousin was with them.

How the accident in Rhodes with the sea parachute happened
However, water sports proved to be fatal for the two minor boys after the strong wind cut the ropes they were using, as a result of which they were dragged to the rocks and killed instantly. The third child who was seriously injured in the fall was taken to hospital and is now fighting in the ICU to stay alive. According to the information, the weather conditions were not suitable, while the decision of the pilot to allow the children to board the sea parachute raises many questions, since the age limit is from 16 years old.

The parents are in a tragic psychological state as they cannot believe that the family vacation that started in Rhodes would end in an untold tragedy. In fact, the issue seems to be taking shape in Britain as well, as a Daily Mail journalist is expected in Rhodes today.

The person in charge of the operation of the water sports as well as the pilot of the speedboat were arrested by the Coast Guard and are expected to be brought before the Prosecutor in order to apologize.

Source – iefimerida.gr 

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