Richter 5 at Greek – Albania border this morning 1st June

In the rhythm of Richter, Albania is dancing from Saturday morning and parallel regions of Epirus and Western Macedonia, since the successive earthquakes are also felt in Greece.

The earthquakes near the Greek-Albanian border began early in the morning and the strongest one recorded so far was a 5-degree scale on the Richter scale. Seismic vibration was also felt in Kastoria. While several more earthquakes followed in the next three hours. The most powerful of them was 4.9 Richter and was recorded at 10.00 on Saturday morning.

Speaking of intense seismic activity, Efthimios Lekkas stressed that this is a region with a heavy history, which has caused large earthquakes. “We have to deal with an area with a history of high seismicity,” Professor of Geology and chairman of OASP told ERT. “We hope the main earthquake was the 5th Richter and we had dozens of aftershocks. At 10:00 we had an earthquake of 4.9 Richter , which means we have to deal with the depletion of seismic activity, “Mr. Lekka said.

Earthquake in Greece
Efthimios Lekkas said that on Saturday morning an earthquake was also recorded in Greece, a size of 4.7 Richter, with the focus between Igoumenitsa and Ioannina. “We are investigating whether one vibration has affected the other”, he answered a question about whether the earthquake in Greece is linked to those in Albania. “We have no records so far,” he added.

In any case, Mr. Lekkas stressed that residents should not worry. “The area is structured for higher seismic sizes. The focus was 30 km from Greece, which means that in case of a strong earthquake, the impact on Greece will be extremely small, “he noted. “We are monitoring the region, I think everything will evolve smoothly,” Mr. Lekka said.

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