Road Closures in Argostoli Saturday Morning

Temporary traffic closure on Kalypsous Vergoti Street and G. Vergoti Avenue


Having in mind the provisions:

a) Of article 8 of Law 2800/2000 “Restructuring of Y.D.T. Services. ».

b) Articles 3 par. 2, 4 par. 3, 19 par. 3 and 52 par. 2 of Law 2696/99 (A-57) “On the Ratification of the Road Traffic Code”, as amended applies to article 48 of Law 4313/2014.

c) Article 33 par. 5 of the P.D. 14/2001 “Organization of Greek Services Police “.

d) Articles 31 et seq. of the P.D. 161/88 “Restructuring of Greek Services Police “.

e) The application from 22-5-2020 of the earthworks company << MANOLATOS Michael >>, with the documents attached to it.

f) The report No. 7170/20/1051537 from 22-5-2020 of the Traffic Department Argostoli and aiming to ensure the smooth and safe conduct of traffic, the prevention of traffic accidents and the service of the public, during the work

Article 1

The cessation of traffic of all vehicles on the Municipal Roads of Kalypso Vergotis along its entire length and on G. Vergotis Avenue from the height of its contribution with R. Vergotis Street to its contribution with Vallianou Square, on 23-5-2020 and during the hours 07: 00΄-12: 00΄ for safety reasons of road users, due to work performed in the rainwater network.

Article 2

The traffic of vehicles will be carried out by bypass roads of the city of Argostoli, which does not hinder the traffic of vehicles, with the care and attention of the Argostoli Traffic Department.

Article 3

The person in charge of the project is requested for the timely installation and removal of the planned and necessary road signs (regulatory-information), according to the provisions of articles 9 & 10 of Law 2696/99 “On the Road Traffic Code” as amended by 3542/07 and Law 3904/2010 << Κ.Ο.Κ. >> and according to the instructions of the person in charge of the application of the Service (Post of Argostoli).

Article 4

This applies:

-After the on-site autopsy, by the Commander of the Argostoli Traffic Department and the person in charge of the project, for the correctness of the installation of the planned traffic signage and the necessity of taking any additional traffic signaling measures.

-From the placement of the relevant indicative signs.

– From its publication, according to article 109 of Law 2696/99 on KOK and its posting on the internet, according to article 4 of Law 3861/2010.

Article 5

Violators of the present are prosecuted and punished in accordance with the provisions of Articles 3,4,5,34,52,104 and 105 of Law 2696/99 “On the Road Traffic Code” as amended and in force, as well as the provisions in force from time to time.

Article 6

The application (execution) of the present is assigned to the Traffic Department of Argostoli which during the above period to supervise the placement of the necessary signs and their removal after the end of the works and to supervise the above road section for the application of the provisions herein. , in order to avoid traffic problems and prevent traffic accidents. In case of any violation of the above to apply the current legislation against any responsible.


Ioannis G. BOUMIS

Police Office manager

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