Road fees for 2022 now issued- All the steps that vehicle owners need to take through myCar

A little while ago, the traffic fees for 2022 were uploaded to the myCAR electronic platform of the Independent Public Revenue Authority .

Through the platform vehicle owners will be able to:

  • To put their vehicle in digital immobility / traffic, by digitally submitting its license plates, without having to visit the competent Tax Office.
  • Download the toll notice and receive a toll certificate
  • To remove the immobility of their vehicle and to pay traffic fees per month.

The only change this year is that the 2022 road tax will be paid in a different way. More specifically, vehicle owners should enter the myCar platform of AADE, using the Taxis codes and select the section “Vehicle registration fees”.

Then the option for the display of the notification will appear, which this year will also have a QR code (QR code), with which it will be possible to make a direct payment, through web banking.

The deadline for the payment of traffic fees will be December 31, 2021 – without calculating any extensions. It is reminded that those who do not pay the road tax on time will be asked to pay double.

For credit card holders it is possible to pay the road tax in 12 interest-free monthly instalments.

The amount of traffic fees

Regarding the amount of registration fees for older vehicles with registration until 30/10/2010, the fees are calculated based on the age and cubic capacity of the engine. Particularly:

Ø from 22 to 1,230 euros for vehicles released until 2000

Ø from 22 to 1,260 euros for vehicles released from 2001 to 2005

Ø from 22 to 1,380 euros for vehicles released from 2006 to 2010.

For cars licensed from 1 January 2011 the charges are calculated on the basis of carbon dioxide emissions.

CO2 emissions (g / km) Price (euro)

  1. 0-122:  0
  2. 123-139: 0,64
  3. 140-166: 0,70
  4. 167-208: 0,85
  5. 209-224: 1,87
  6. 225-240: 2,20
  7. 241-260: 2,50
  8. 261-280: 2,70
  9. Above 281: 2.82

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