Road tax 2021: Posted on Taxisnet!

Vehicle owners will find the notices for the road tax of 2021 from today, Friday 13.11.2020, on Taxisnet .

According to what AADE announced about the traffic fees:

This year’s notice, available from today for vehicle owners
to pay the 2021 road tax, also includes a QR Code.

By scanning this code, taxpayers can easily pay the fees, via mobile banking, without writing down the payment code and the amount.

AADE advises the obligors to follow the specific procedure, avoiding the visit to the branches of the banks and the Hellenic Post. However, even citizens who are unfamiliar with the internet and visit banks to pay can also use the QR Code on ATMs.

In this regard, it is reminded that there is always the possibility of payment through web banking, which from this year is made via RF code, for even greater convenience.

To receive the notification of traffic fees, follow the following procedure:
On the site of AADE,, select:

Traffic fees: If you have codes in my TAXISNET:

Citizens -> vehicles -> tolls with TAXISnet codes or

Business -> tax services -> vehicles -> road tax with TAXISnet codes.



Citizens -> vehicles -> tolls without TAXISnet codes.

Businesses -> tax services -> vehicles -> traffic fees without TAXISnet codes.

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