Road tax 2021: What changes take effect – What will the owners pay?

The traffic fees will be posted as every year in November and can be repaid in 9 to 12 interest-free installments .

The data that applies as every year for road tax is that car owners can repay the amounts due by the end of December, either in cash or using a credit card .

As every year, this year as well, the road tax is expected to be posted in November for vehicles that are in circulation or will be in circulation until December 31, 2020, with the result that vehicle owners will pay exactly the same amounts as last year .


The big change is expected to apply to all vehicles registered for the first time after January 1, 2020 as the new CO2 emission measurement standard called WLTP is implemented, which increases the average CO2 emissions of vehicles by 15%.

The financial staff is considering increasing the CO2 emission limits by 20% where the charging rates change so that consumers are not burdened by the new increased CO2 emissions of vehicles.

However, there is another proposal according to which the Traffic Tariffs on the polluting models will be increased .

The amounts

Vehicle owners, as every year, will be able to pay the Traffic Fees 2021 until the end of December either in cash or using a credit card that allows them to be repaid from 9 to 12 interest-free monthly installments.

Owners of cars with 1st License until 31/10/2010 will pay from 22 euros to 1,380 euros depending on the type and year of registration .

Holders of vehicles with 1st License after November 1, 2010 pay Traffic Fees according to CO2 emissions.

The state hopes to collect about 1.1 billion euros from the 2021 Traffic Fees.

What about the new CO2 emission measurement standard?

The implementation of the new CO2 emission measurement standard of the so-called WLTP from January 1, 2021 is expected to change the Traffic Fees of vehicles that will be registered for the first time after the arrival of the new year.

There are two proposals for Vehicle Traffic Fees that will be registered for the first time after January 1, 2021.

The first concerns an increase of CO2 emission limits by 20% so that the charges increase to higher limits . That is, at the moment for emissions from 91 to 100 gr. CO2 owners to find the amount of Traffic Fees they will have to multiply the exact amount of pollutants in their vehicle by 0.90 euros per gram. If the pollutants of a vehicle are 91 gr. CO2 then the Traffic Fees will be 82 euros .

With the new system, the charge of 0.90 euros per gram is expected not to apply to vehicles that emit from 91 to 100 grams but 120 grams! Therefore, even if the vehicle that will be registered for the first time after January 1, 2021, the average CO2 emissions increase by 20% and reach 120 grams, the owner will not be further burdened.

Now one can reasonably ask that if in a model the average emissions are reduced then the owner will pay lower Traffic Fees in 2021. Unfortunately with the new way of measuring CO2 emissions there is absolutely no model in which the measurements are reduced but instead increased by at least 15% and with the vast majority increasing by 20%. So there will be no reductions in the 2021 Traffic Fees.

The same will happen in the other categories of pollutant emissions that change rates and the highest category that currently concerns cars with CO2 emissions of more than 251 grams per km with a rate of 3.72 euros is expected to reach 300 grams.

However, there is a second proposal considered by the Ministry of Education and Science, according to which the coefficients of the limits on CO2 emissions will increase by 20% to 180 grams per km and from there on both the limits and the charges will remain unchanged as the certain models are highly polluting and cause significant environmental pollution. In this proposal, of course, there are suggestions to change the rates up to 200 g / CO2 per km



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