The 2nd wave of intersections to detect uninsured vehicles is expected to begin in the middle of next month.

The first steps to detect uninsured vehicles were in April 2018, where 385,000 violators were found. Since then, the competent authorities have not taken the required action (the law provides for electronic control twice a year) and so, at this time, estimates indicate that the number of offenders has risen to dangerous levels. According to the latest information, the government plans to launch electronic crossings immediately so that the first fines for offenders can reach the end of September.

Driver offenders should be aware that the fines provided for in the provisions are:

  • EUR 100 for two-wheeled vehicles up to 250 ml
  • EUR 150 for two-wheeled vehicles from 251 cc and more.
  • EUR 200 for cars up to 1000 cc
  • EUR 250 for cars from 1001 cc and more

For the payment of the due fee, a charge has been created by AADE for each VAT ID holder, which bears the same number as the notification protocol number received by the owner. Also be reminded that vehicles found to be uninsured will receive a notification that the owner will be required to pay the appropriate fee within 8 days and insure their vehicle as otherwise they will be subject to a large fine and possibly license plates. .

What the law provides when someone refuses to insure their vehicle

  • Removal of driver’s license and registration certificate and vehicle registration plates for 6 months by Act of Police.
  • In the event of a vehicle being involved in an accident the removal of license plates and registration for 2 years and a repeat offense for 3 years. The return of the license plates and the marketing authorization after the expiry of the above periods requires the submission of the relevant insurance contract by the person concerned.
  • A fine by police act, EUR 1,000 for buses and VAT, EUR 500 for passengers and EUR 250 for two-wheelers.
  • Imprisonment from two months to one year and a fine up to 3,000 euros in the event of an accident.