Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou in Kefalonia: The fight against the coronavirus continues || Combination of individual responsibility, information and controls by the state

For the implementation of measures against the COVID-19 and their competence Security discussed the Region of Ionian Islands, Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou , in meetings with the Director of Police Kefalonia Mr. John Boumi and the Harbor Master Kefalonia Commander Athanasios Siouti .

The Regional Governor, accompanied by the Deputy Regional Minister of Finance & Culture of the Ionian Islands Region, Katerina Mothoneou, expressed the view that we are at a very critical point, as there is an increase in transmissibility and an illusion in the population that we are not finished with .

She expressed her satisfaction that the situation in Kefalonia is passable, as well as the treatment of the few cases that have fortunately occurred so far on the island. It requested careful inspections from the services of the Region as well as all the competent bodies and Authorities in all sectors such as entrance gates, restaurants, entertainment, entertainment and shops in both Kefalonia and Ithaca, which presents a special tourist traffic.

The Deputy Regional Minister for Culture informed about the protection measures that will apply to cultural events.

” Our success in protecting against the pandemic depends on the combination of measures implemented by the state and individual responsibility and the constant information from all stakeholders. That is why the cooperation of all is necessary, as is already being done “, said the Regional Governor.

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