Rules for tourist to fly and hotel controls


The health protocols of this year’s tourist season for hotels and flights from abroad were revealed on Friday afternoon, speaking at an online event of ONNED, the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Haris Theocharis.
A little while earlier, he had handed over the health protocols, which the government has drafted in collaboration with the EODY Infectious Diseases Committee , to the tourism agencies for consultation and submission of proposals by them.

Mr. Theocharis revealed the most critical details of the protocols that include the following:

  1. – In order for a passenger to board a flight from abroad to Greece, he must have received a health certificate within the last 72 hours that he is not a carrier of the coronavirus. Without it, there will be no boarding.
  2. – There will be no vacancies on flights to, from and within Greece, ie their capacity will be full in order, as he said, to be economically viable air transport. 
  3. – Flights for up to four hours will not serve food to passengers, but only packaged snacks.
  4. – Tourists will leave the country without any control, so as not to risk being trapped and staying in quarantine in Greece, which would be disincentive to choosing our country as a holiday destination.
  5. – In each tourist area of ​​the country, the Ministry of Tourism will rent a tourist accommodation which will operate as a “quarantine hotel”, where tourists who are found to be carriers of the colonnade will be transferred.
  6. – Each hotel – tourist accommodation will be required to contract with a doctor, who will either live or tele-medicine to determine whether a tourist should be tested for coronavirus.  Coronvirus tests will be performed within 6 hours at the latest, so that anyone who is tested positive will be transferred to “quarantine hotels”.
  7. – Special training will be provided to the staff of each hotel in special hygiene rules.
  8. – There will be no buffets in the hotels, but only serving, except maybe the very small hotels.
  9. – The sunbeds will be thinned and will have a disposable cover for each swimmer.

The Minister of Tourism announced intergovernmental agreements with countries such as Bulgaria, Israel, Cyprus, for the free transition and return of Greek tourists to them. Finally, he said that of the 18 billion euros of tourist revenue we had last year, this year we will have a maximum of 8 billion euros.


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