As a lot of people will be looking to purchase firewood soon an informative article on the regulations regarding selling wood.

As we prepare for the winter, it is good to know what is in store for firewood retailing before making any commission. According to Articles 132 and 133 of Ministerial Decision A2-718 / 2014 (Government Gazette 2090 / B / 2014) “Codification of Rules for the Movement and Marketing of Products and Services” and in order to avoid any misleading effects, the following shall apply:

A. Retail sale of firewood
In addition to the general requirements for the retail sale of bulk firewood, the following are provided:
  1. The firewood retailing is by volume and the unit used can be either the ‘spatial cubic meter’ (m3 stack) or the ‘spatial bulk cubic meter’ (m3 bulk).
  2. ‘Spatial cubic meter’ means the volume of cubic meter occupied by regularly stacked firewood, including intermediate voids.
  3. ‘Spatial bulk cubic meter’ means the volume of bulk cubic meter occupied by bulk firewood including intermediate gaps.
  4. Retailers post placards at a prominent place of business, by type of wood, at the price of either € / m3 stacker or € / m3 bulk as well as the volume of containers (cages, pallets, bags, bulbs etc.) possibly use it to dispose of firewood.
  5. Retailers must have appropriate length measuring equipment to calculate the volume. 
  6. Retailers ensure, in all appropriate ways, the protection of firewood from adverse weather conditions, which may alter the characteristics of the product to be sold and the mix of species of different origin, quality and price.
  7. The sale, or free disposal of any timber impregnated with wood (cut from old PPC / OTE timber), or “green” timber (with salt), or any artificial laminated timber (plywood, chipboard) / MDF, etc.), to be burned.
  8. In case of non-compliance with the above paragraph 1, the retailer is fined a thousand euros (1000 €).
  9. The retailer is subject to a fine of five hundred euros (€ 500) per product type, based on the provisions of paragraph 4.
  10. The retailer is subject to a fine of € 1,000 (€ 1000) per product type for the lack of a plate according to paragraph 4.
  11. An inaccurate or misleading sign on the basis of par. 4 shall be imposed on the retailer by a fine of two thousand euros (€ 2000) per product type. 
  12. In case of non-compliance with paragraph 5 above, the retailer will be fined five hundred euros (€ 500)
  13. In case of non-compliance with paragraph 7 above, the retailer is fined five thousand euros (5000 €). 
For pre-packed firewood, the nominal amount shall be indicated by volume (cm3, dm3) and the maximum moisture content may not exceed 25%. The rest of the requirements of paragraph 1 of Chapter B. Solid biomass fuels (see below) apply.
B. Solid biomass fuel
  1. On prepackages of solid biomass fuels, whether directly or indirectly produced from materials of biological origin and defined in accordance with ELOT CEN / TS 14588 (Wood pellets, Wood pellets, Woodchips, wood firewood, non-wood firewood kernel, chemically treated biomass, etc.) and are classified according to ELOT EN 14961, excluding materials incorporated into geological formations and / or converted into minerals, indicated in Greek, as follows: :
    • The marketable form according to ELOT EN 14961 (Wood pellets, wood pellets, woodchips, firewood, non-wood pellets, olive kernel, kernel, chemically treated biomass, etc.)
    • The origin 
    • Their source 
    • The heading on a case-by-case basis (A1 / A2 / B / B1 / B2), as defined, in the relevant standards in the ELOT EN 14961 series.
    • The nominal quantity of content, in kilograms (kg).
    • The maximum humidity (%).
    • The trade name.
    • The elements of the ‘responsible for disposal’ of the product, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 of article 2 of Law 4177/2013.
    • The place of production.
  2. The sale of solid biomass fuels (excluding firewood) in bulk is by weight and the unit of measurement used is kilograms (kg). In addition to the general requirements for the marking / marking of the articles sold, there shall be clearly indicated on an adjoining plate, at the point of sale, the marketable form, the origin, the source and the heading of each article as provided for in paragraph 1 of the this article. 
  3. When handling solid biomass fuels (excluding firewood), the consignment note shall state, in addition to the balances provided for by the Transaction Tax Implementation Code, the marketable form, their origin, their source and class according to See paragraph 1.
  4. Violators are subject to administrative fines as follows:
    • Five thousand euros (€ 5,000), for lack of movement documents, with the information of tax authorities at the same time.
    • Two thousand Euros (€ 2,000) for failure to include the additional mandatory data in the consignment note for infringements referred to in paragraph 3.
    • One thousand euros (€ 1,000) per product type, for no marking / labeling.
    • Five hundred euros (€ 500) per product type for incomplete marking / labeling.
    • Five thousand euros (€ 5,000) per product type for inaccurate or misleading marking / labeling.

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