Ryanair, Aegean, Sky Express for Coronavirus – Changes to Flights and Tickets

Ryanair and Aegean have issued emergency announcements about the coronavirus. What changes will be made to flights and tickets?

It is well known that in Italy there is a large increase in outbreaks of the new coronavirus and this affects many travelers’ schedules. What is Ryanair and Aegean’s position in this event?

Ryanair’s announcement on coronavirus

Ryanair says in its announcement that it will cut its short-haul flight plan to Italy by 25% from March 17 to April 8. All affected customers have been informed by email or SMS and have the option to request a refund, or change dates or destinations.

New Aegean coronavirus announcement

Aegean informs that it is in regular contact with the competent authorities (EODY) on matters related to coronavirus (Covid-19) to obtain all relevant air transport instructions either as a general preventive preparation or for appropriate actions in Specific cases.

The company has already stepped up regular aircraft clean-ups between all its flights, at all stations in the country and abroad, during the day and after nighttime flights are completed.

In addition, it has already set up and implemented, in cooperation with a specialized disinfection company, a disinfection procedure that applies in cases where it has been informed by the ESA that a specific case has involved passenger transport.

To inform the passenger AEGEAN informs that all passengers who have a ticket issued by 23 February 2020 to any destination on the network, with a travel date between today and 20 March 2020 and wishing to transfer it due to the coronavirus at a later date with a new travel date from March 21, 2020 to October 20, 2020, they can do so with no rebooking fees via call center at 210 6261000.

Finally, it is clarified that EODY and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection are solely responsible for any information regarding the management of possible incidents.

Please contact the National Public Health Organization (EODY, T: 210 5212000) and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection (GAPP) for any information regarding incident management.

News releases from Sky Express too

Sky Express informs its passengers that they will be able to change tickets without a rebooking fee for ticket holders with a release date of up to 27 February 2020, and a travel date of up to 31 March 2020, declaring a new travel date up to 31 October 2020. which results in a fare difference, this will be receivable normally. These changes are made by telephone, by landline telephone at 801 11 28 288 or 215215 6510. As he states, “In any case we will keep you informed of any new initiatives due to the coronavirus.”

In another announcement, Sky Express states: “Following strictly the instructions of the competent authorities with which we are in constant communication, we have updated the disinfection procedures of our aircraft. Although we do not travel outside Greece, both our aircraft and crews follow strict procedures that enhance prevention to prevent the spread of any virus. We are fully prepared for any eventuality that may always arise in collaboration with a certified disinfection company and the responsible. We are continuing our flights throughout Greece. “

source – aftodioikisi.gr

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    we proberen contact te nemen met Ryanair om de vlucht te annuleren maar lukt gewoon niet.ze nemen nier op en de chatbox trekt op niets. plus we weten niets over de hotel boeking we hebben in Griekenland gebeld en ze kunnen niet direct annuleren ze zegt dat agentie MOET DE ANNULERING VRAGEN.BIJ DEZE VRAAG IK VRIENDELIJK OM A U B de vluchten en de hotel te ann uleren voor ons. in afwachting van u antwoord wens ik u een fijne dag verder.. mvg kawani rashid


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