Saint Barbara the church built into the cliff

The Small Chapel of Agia Barbara is located outside Argostoli, in a cave below the main road. (head around the lagoon, at the traffic lights turn sharp right and park just beyond the metal bridge)

The area was originally called Saint Barbarian. According to tradition, in 1912 a small chilkd fell from the road down the gorge, but landed on the ground without any harm! The child himself is said to say that he helped him down a-old woman. The villagers from that point saw a burning fire in winter and summer. When, a few years later, they found the courage to explore the mystery of the flame, they entered the cave and discovered an image of Saint Lucia. They gave her the miracle and took her to argostoli, where, according to tradition, she stopped a great epidemic that had broken out and killed people…

In the cave, a chapel was built in honor of Agia Barbara, which you can see from the road, as there is a bridge. From 1953 onwards, the miraculous image of Saint Lucia disappeared – most likely stolen.

The Chapel celebrates on December 4th, and according to the custom, the believers boil wheat and offer it to the congregation, in memory of the salvation of the island from the epidemic, thanks to saint Barbara.

Source – FB post of Spiros Sakalis

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