Salted Cod or Hake (μπακαλιάρος) Tomorrow – But Why?

The 25th of March is always in the period of the Great Lent when the Orthodox fast for nearly fifty days.  

No meat, no fish, no dairy products and sometimes no olive oil are allowed to be consumed.  

The church made two exceptions: one is on the 25th of March and the other on Palm Sunday when only fish can be consumed.  

For people living near the shores they ate fresh fish on both these occasions but people in remote, mountain villages could not, as there were no refrigeration trucks to transport fish.

So when salted Vakalaos or Bakaliaros (Cod) was imported, lots of years ago, it was ideal, not only for lent but for other days as well, as it was cheap and could be preserved for a long time.

Try Bakaliaros coated with beer batter and then fried and you will have the most crispy and delicious cod ever that you won’t be able to resist devouring more and more bites!


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