Sami Municipality – Marking the anniversary of the Polytechnic Uprising

On every anniversary of this uprising, Greece remembers and honors those who, with their sacrifice and courage, carried on their shoulders every democratic ideal that the dictatorship had buried by authoritarian means. The young people, with self-denial and with the power of their youth, wrote a bright chapter in the modern history of Greece, against the gloom of the junta that the Greek people lived for seven years.

With the slogan “Bread, Education, Freedom” the rebellious students of our country expressed in the most accurate and targeted way, not only the social imperative of the time, but also the weapons against barbarism and totalitarianism. 

In all ages, these three words are the basic conditions under which man can give the maximum of his potential, thus creating lives with dignity, societies based on solid foundations, able to move forward with confidence towards tomorrow.

The Polytechnic is the symbol of the struggle of free-thinking people, of people who know the weight and cost of Freedom, in all places and at all times. 

The Polytechnic lives and inspires modern struggles. 

No one can limit his values ​​under any pretext. 

Press Office of the Municipality of Sami

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