Saristra Festival OPEN CALL 2019

Open Call to Artists in Kefalonia

Saristra Festival is calling for artists whose residence is in Kefalonia to submit their exhibition proposals for the festival taking place on 2-3-4 of August.

1. Award:
The Artist will exhibit his work on the festival days of 2,3,4 August 2019.

2. Terms of participation:
Any artist who is a resident of Kefalonia can participate regardless of nationality, gender or age.
Artists are invited to bring in discussion various topics without restrictive references and without any limitations in means of expression or in media combinations whatsoever.
A. All artists must submit a file with their CV (doc or pdf file), their COMMUNICATION INFORMATION, ARTISTIC DESCRIPTION, DIMENSIONS OF PROJECT / PROJECTS and the PROPOSAL OF PROJECT PRESENTATION. If the presentation requires special technical equipment, this should be mentioned in advance.
File name in latin characters: yoursurname_yourname_title01
eg. Damianidou_veroniki_Mylittlezen
B. All artists must submit a folder with 5 to 12 images of the project, not exceeding 10MB. Files can be sent either by email or via wetransfer to File name in latin characters: yoursurname_yourname_title02 
Image name: yoursurname_yourname_number
For multimedia or video files a link is fine as well.

Proposals will be submitted from May 10th to June 1st (23:59 UTC +1) 2019 at subjected as OPEN CALL SARISTRA 2019.📧

3. Save the dates📅
Proposal Submission Deadline up to 1/06/2019.
Final notification of participation by email on 30/06/2019.
Exhibition settings and installations must take place on 01/08/2019.

4. Insurance
Saristra Festival will not insure the exhibits or the artists. During the night hours there will be general security in the festival area. Saristra Festival is not accountable in case of accident, damage or loss.

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