Satire Corner – Chickens Sir?

Satire corner

In what for many are gloomy times especially with news based topics we are going to open up a satire corner spot where we would love some contribution of the crazy things that have happened to you in Kefalonia primarily but we will also at times add related humour with a link to Greece/UK.

So let’s kick this off;

We had been looking for new chickens and had been told to use a certain well known supplier (Orange truck) who has an excellent reputation around the island, but one hot August morning as we left Petros supermarket in Lourdas there was another truck full of live poultry.

It seemed too good an opportunity to miss so I asked for 6 white chickens (Leghorns) which were duly put into a box and we paid what we thought at the time was an excellent price.

We took them home, we had relatives visiting at the time with small children and everyone just loved these white fluffy baby chickens!

So with many oohs and aahs the babies were happily put out in their run and house and watered and fed with much attention knowing that in a few months we would have some great eggs , as you can imagine Tonia was equally excited to have new fresh free range stock of eggs for her cakes.

Then about 10 weeks later as we were going to let them out we heard an ominous cock a doodle doo noise but didn’t really pay much attention until we heard it again, this time we spent some time identifying which of our chickens was actually a cockerel!! and sure enough one looked bigger than the others so we thought okay 5 chickens and 1 cockerel we can live with that, it might even work out better than 6 chickens.

So time goes on and everyday we are anticipating the arrival of eggs but all we see are the chickens growing bigger and bigger they are now being described by the kids as baby dinosaurs! And strangely the one we had identified as the cockerel now looked the same size as the rest.

Well its already apparent to all I expect that we are not experts in the chicken department so it’s back to the internet to do some research and after doing some checks that nagging feeling that had been in the back of my mind if I am honest for the last month is confirmed


Luckily before there was carnage in the roost we managed to pass them onto neighbours and friends.

The next time we listened to advice and got them from a reputable supplier

as you can see they were much bigger than our biggest cat in the end!

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