Kyriakos Mitsotakis described in his speech the main lines of the plan to lift the measures to limit the transmission of coronavirus, which also referred to the reopening of schools .

The Prime Minister stressed that in Education, the lessons of the 3rd Lyceum will start again on May 11.

A week later (18 May, the other classes of the Lyceum and the High School will follow.

The schools, however, will operate with other rules that will limit – as much as possible – the co-ordination, Kyriakos Mitsotakis noted in his speech . Distance learning will continue to support children who, for special reasons, do not have to come to class.

Primary & Kindergartens schools may open in elementary school on June 1st
Primary and kindergartens remain closed in May. “I repeat, they may open on June 1, and only if we are absolutely sure that the course of the epidemic is going downhill,” said the prime minister, who stressed that the education minister would provide more detailed information tomorrow.

The Ministry of Education is in constant consultation with the Committee of Scientists for the best possible implementation of the protection measures for our children and teachers.


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