Schools: No holiday this year for the Feast of the Three Hierarchs

By provision contained in the Draft Law “National Higher Education Authority (NTUAE), Special Accounts of Higher Education Research Funds, Research and Technological Institutions and Other Provisions” filed yesterday in Parliament schools or the celebration of the Three Hierarchs but there will be school events that may include religious and educational activities.

Specifically “January 30th of each year, the day of the religious hierarchy of the Three Hierarchs, ceases to be included in the school holidays. It is being restored as a day of celebrations in honor of these Great Fathers and of Education, as well as the stakeholders of the educational process, teachers and students.

These events may include religious and educational activities related to the promotion of the social and pedagogical work of the Great Fathers and their overall contribution to Education and Literacy. This arrangement covers both Primary and Secondary Public and Private Education. , so that the way of celebrating this religious and school day is universal and unified. “

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