Schools will possibly commence on 18th May but all scenarios are still open


Measures in Greece to deal with the spread of coronavirus began with the closure of schools and the question is when they will open.

The key to ringing the bell in schools again is for April to go well, that is, to reduce deaths and cases of coronary heart disease. The Live News show with Nikos Evangelatos presented the government’s scenarios and possible plans that have fallen on the table regarding the school year.A scenario that is being considered and if all goes well, is a possible opening on May 18th.

The government’s plans are to open schools for a month and provide classes in primary, secondary and high school until June 20.

Beyond that, there are the exams. The promotions have a scenario to be carried out at the end of June so that at the beginning of July we can go to the national exams. This is a possible plan if all goes well and the measures have begun to relax.


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