Seamen’s union calls 24-hour ferry strike for September 24 possible escalation by ADEDY

The union representing the country’s seamean on Tuesday called a 24-hour strike for September 24 in a bid to protest certain provisions of a so-called growth bill being discussed in Parliament. 

As a result of the action, there will be no ferries from 6 a.m. next Tuesday until 6 a.m. on Wednesday. 

Unionists fear that the bill, which aims to lift restrictions to investments in Greece, could end up compromising workers’ rights. 

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This issue may grow as ADEDY: Moves on 24-hour Pan-Hellenic Strike

  • September 17, 2019 – 14:16 pm
In a statement, ADEDY announced a 24-hour Pan-Hellenic Strike on Tuesday, September 24, 2019, with a central request for the withdrawal of the development bill. As he points out, should the Government insist on promoting and voting on it, it will go on strike. The Communication states in detail:
The “public consultation” process of the Development Bill has been completed.

With this bill, the Government of New Delhi it promotes a kind of ‘growth’ that will not only benefit society and workers.

It provides for the creation of an electronic register of workers’ unions, electronic voting to strike, as well as an overhaul of the business over the sectoral collective bargaining agreement, when the employer invokes financial problems of the company. The aim is to control the government’s employers’ associations, to undermine the right to strike and to circumvent the TSEs.

In essence, it is about employer-government control and the file of unions and trade unions.

The bill proposes the Minister of Labor as the supreme authority, to determine by ministerial decisions the trade union law and the statutes of the unions, to go beyond them, as well as to determine how their decisions are to be taken.

The bill strengthens flexible working relationships: Promotes part-time and rotational employment, with the latter calculated on the basis of annual working time. As specifically stated, the employer and the employee may agree, for a definite or indefinite period, to the conversion of full-time to part-time, as well as any form of rotation.

There is also the possibility of privileged licensing, on a looser terms, of businesses in business parks and express licensing, subject to disciplinary sanctions and even the dismissal of competent civil servants. The control mechanisms of investment plans are being privatized and the way for the total deprivation from the State of the ability to control working conditions, tax and insurance income, health and safety of workers and environmental protection is being opened.

Finally, the creation of Special Economic Zones is inaugurated, a requirement of industrialists and other employers’ unions, in which any labor rights will be “legally” violated.

The Executive Committee of ADEDY Calls on all State employees not to tolerate new measures against them and to cut the cough and fork that the ND government has taken. The right to strike is the ultimate weapon of the workers, and we must defend it with all our might. Everyone’s right to public insurance is inevitable, and we are fighting to keep the government from adopting a bill to privatize supplementary insurance.

In our unity and in the joint action of the Public and Private Sector lies our strength.

In this context, the Executive Committee of ADEDY proclaims:

  • 24-hour Pan-Hellenic Strike on Tuesday, September 24, 2019, with a central demand for the repeal of the anti-labor bill. If the Government insists on its promotion and voting, we will go on a strike.
  • Nationwide workshops where required by the unions on 19, 20 and 23 September 2019 to hold general unions to facilitate information, preparation and employee participation.

By the Executive Committee of ADEDY

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