Second meeting held looking at protecting and enhancing Koutavos lagoon and ancient walls of Krani area


On Tuesday, February 4, 2020, the 2nd meeting of the bodies was held to protect and highlight the Archaeological Site of Ancient Krani and the area of ​​Koutavos.

The meeting was attended by PM Sotiris Kouris on behalf of the Local Community of Argostoli. The President Mr Theodoros Chrysanthados and the member Mr Kanakis, on behalf of the Agricultural School Mr Ilyaris Tzanetatou and Mr Dtis.Dante, by the Archaeological Service, Mr G. Grigorakakis and the archaeologist Mr Eleni Papafloratou, on behalf of the club Mr Faros Mr N. Pavlatos, Mr Varvara Aravantinos, Mr Vassilis Politis, Mr Markatos Argostoli Club, on behalf of the English Volunteers Association, Mrs. Palimeri.

At this 2nd meeting, everyone was given an overview of the issues that had been discussed and decided at the first meeting so far (Archeology to draw up an action plan and the Municipality of Argostoli to investigate the real estate division’s case for seashore and puppy beach) .

The Archaeological Service mentioned the actions it has taken so far to complete the design of its actions, which were placed on the rest of the bodies. However, there was a need for an on-site overview of the Archaeological Site and so it was decided unanimously to hold a meeting of the bodies in the ancient helmets on Friday, February 7 at 1 pm for a site review, recording and decision.

The Koutavos topic was discussed in a constructive way, and all issues related to the cleaning, shaping and management of the existing section were discussed, and the design, study and configuration of the remaining unformed section to create the conditions for Continue on the pedestrian street to the Devoseto bridge.

Also discussed was the protection of the flora and fauna of the wetland and the creation of conditions that would be compatible with the absolute protection of the various birds, permanent and migratory that frequent the wetland.

On the issue of koutavos, it was decided, since the municipality of argostoli responsible for all the cleaning, planning and shaping of the management plan of koutavos should ask the mayor for a meeting to have a discussion on all matters.

source – FB post of Sotiris Kouris

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