Self test: Fewer beneficiaries from July and from supermarkets and pharmacies – Not needed by fully vaccinated

The list of beneficiaries of self tests is updated , after the cessation of their distribution by pharmacies, which will now be available from new distribution centers (supermarkets, etc.).

First, from the end of June, fully vaccinated people no longer have the obligation to self-test. This will be the first facility (privilege) for those who have completed the vaccination program, before the government proceeds with a comprehensive plan on this issue.

To date, it is about 2.5 million of our fellow citizens who have done both installments.

Those who will be entitled to them for free are limited

From July the free self tests will be distributed to a more limited circle of professional teams.

The intentions of the government were confirmed by the Secretary General of Coordination Thanasis Kontogeorgis. “In July, in some special groups of the population, who may be more vulnerable due to professional activity, ie in catering, tourism but of course at the ages of 18-30 when the vaccination has not yet progressed, the measure will continue,” he explained. in Open.

Self test for payment in pharmacies

It is reminded that the free self-test distribution by the pharmacies is completed on June 19, with the distribution of three tests to the beneficiary groups (as defined by the competent Ministries of Labor, Interior and Education) during this and next week.

Specifically, this week all private and public sector employees as well as all the self-employed can take 3 tests.

Next week, all students, teachers and administrative staff of primary and secondary education, as well as all citizens aged 18-30 can take 3 tests.


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