Serious deficiencies in the islands emergency coverage – Where are the biggest problems?


Among them are islands with millions of tourists each summer season

The lack of rescuers of the  EKAB  on several Greek islands is reported by  POEDIN , noting that this situation is responsible for “long delays in the tender procedures for permanent and auxiliary staff”. 

The WTO statement states: 

“The Ministry of Health did not strengthen the EKAB sectors with hiring (permanent or auxiliary staff) that would resolve the problem on a permanent basis. It relies again on volunteer rescue movements from the rest of the country during their leave. The question that arises is that, although there were conditions for strengthening our islands with qualified staff in order to ensure the proper functioning of the EKAB, recruitment of permanent and auxiliary rescuers did not proceed before suspension of recruitment due to parliamentary elections.

For years, EODY (former HCDCP) has been “cooking” the final results of subsidiary staff through the PHILOS program. The long delay has led to the malfunctioning of the health structures in the Aegean islands with refugee hosting facilities. The impact on the EKAB is enormous. 104 rescuers, of which 50 for the Aegean islands (Rhodes 7, Kos 6, Kalymnos 4, Leros 3, Samos 7, Chios 7 and Mytilene 16) are still waiting to sign contracts. Every design that has been shaken in the air. Until the process is completed, the summer will have passed.

“Drop in the ocean” the announcement of 5K / 2018 with 37 rescue positions at EKAB. The 8 locations are located in the underlying islands of the Aegean (Ikaria 1, Kalymnos 1, Kos 2 and Rhodes 4). The issue of final results goes after the elections. Their hire for sure after the summer.


At the last moment the authorization for recruitment of auxiliary personnel (100 rescuers all over Greece) has resulted in not filling most posts. 10 vacancies due to limited time on the Aegean islands (Mytilene 7, Paros 1, Rhodes 1, Chios 1).

According to the above, every design that existed for the adequate staffing of our islands during the tourist season was overturned due to the obstruction of competitions and the inadequacy of the staff of the Ministry of Health. How many more will our islands remain sanitized? Finally, give us immediate solutions before we mourn victims. ” 

The islands that have the biggest problems: 

Mykonos:  Although the force is 10 rescuers, 6 are working on the island today. This means that there are empty shifts that are covered by overwork and volunteer movements from other areas. There is no reason for a second ambulance, even occasionally on one of the most touristic islands of the Cyclades. The gaps cover two private ambulance clinics.

Paros:  9 rescuers are working in the EKAB. With ambulances from other areas and cut off, there is an ambulance on a 24-hour basis. It is necessary to strengthen the Sector with at least 2 permanent rescuers.

Kos:  The island of Kos is an ambulance in every shift. Many days a month shifts 3 to 11 remain uncovered. It is forbidden in the afternoon hours to have an extraordinary incident. EKAB in Kos has 5 rescuers and there is no coverage. The 5 rescuers work 6 days a week, can not get permission and they are due hundreds of days off.

The EKAB of Kos is supposed to meet the needs of a large population of the island, thousands of tourists and refugees. 
It is noted that Kos is an island with long distances and the request of the EKAB and the hospital staff is to have at least one ambulance at least in every shift covered by ambulance crews in a substation at the new Antimachia Health Center that is a ghost.

Chios:  There are 13 rescuers in the emergency. Given the increased needs that are incurred due to the beginning of the tourist season and the existence of the refugee camp, 3 ambulances are required in the morning and 2 ambulances in the afternoon and night for the adequate staffing of the EKAB. Today, however, due to the lack of staff, there is only one ambulance per shift and twice a week comes out a second morning! as this entails the immediate provision of pre-hospital care to the public.

Lesvos:  The EKAB was weakened by the termination of contracts through HCDCP. In all four CS. there are empty shifts in the ambulance program so that the EARN does not stop to serve the incidents. Personnel and refugee needs are more than necessary.

Rhodes:  The EKAB was weakened by the termination of contracts through HCDCP. The three ambulances on a 24-hour basis are not enough. It needs at least one more. An Aerodrome Base also operates on the island.

Kalymnos:  There were 4 rescuers. Others need 7. There is a 24-hour coverage with voluntary transfers, with the assistance of the hospital and with cut off.


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